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    After much success in the first Team Challenge I began nearly a year ago I have decided to start another one!

    The idea is that we will pair together into teams of 2.there will be 40 participants who will be randomly paired together for a total of 20 teams.

    The challenge will last 90 days in which all members of the challenge will attempt to abstain from Porn and Masturbation.If any member of the challenge relapses during the 90 days he must report back here saying that he relapsed and 1 strike will be added to his teams total,there will be no limit on the amount of strikes any individual or team may have.

    At the end of the 90 day period the challenge will end,the strikes will be totaled and the team with the fewest amount of strikes wins.

    All members of the challenge must check in at least once weekly.if any member fails to do so he will be disqualified,his name will be removed from the list of participants and he will be considered no longer part of the challenge.If at any time for any reason you believe you will not be able to post for 1 week you must notify me here in the thread before your absence.

    If someone drops out or is disqualified from the challenge then his teammate will remain on a team by their self and their strikes will continued to be counted while they wait for another member to drop out of the challenge at which point the 2 remaining members will be paired together.If this challenge ends and there is a member with no teammate then then that person will not be counted in the final score.

    The challenge will be on a first come first serve basis.the first 40 members to apply will be accepted and at which point the challenge will begin.

    Good luck and thanks for joining our challenge.

    NOTE:The scores will be kept in this format [Member 1's number of strikes/Member 2's number of strikes] [Member 1's days since last check in/Member 2's days since last check in] So it will look like this Team X [3/4] [4/6]

    I reserve the right to remove anyone from this challenge at any time for any reason whatsoever.

    Current Participants:

    @What I Do That Defines Me and @MrBean as Batman and RoBean [2/3] [1/0]
    @Her and @Eleanor as Team 4 [9/4] [2/2]
    @Randox and @MASTER MONK as The Winning Team [0/0] [0/1]
    @lonelygalaxy and @Borntoshine33 as Team Phoenix [1/0] [1/1]
    @Dhruva_ and @alfianlight as Team 8 [1/1] [1/1]
    @Wooly horned ruminant mammal and @RedStripe as Army of The Red Striped Sheep [5/1] [0/1]
    @Max Fisher and @White Sheep as Team 10 [0/0] [3/1]
    @</47> and @control your life as Team Zion [1/8] [1/1]
    @JamesBaba and @Freedom_lover as Team Trishul [0/1] [6/9]
    @DeservedCriticism and @M.S.H. as The Musical Dumbbells [1/0] [4/1]
    @The Monk who bought a Tesla and @spaces as The Mavericks [0/0] [2/1]
    @Basith and @Saiyan123 as Team 16 [5/1] [3/7]
    @Desperate_Warrior and @Spartan Warrior as Team 17 [6/0] [0/1]

    Awaiting teammate:
    @Mr.Chips [4] [1]
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  2. Alas the first participant steps forward!

    Thanks for joining!
  3. Think I'll bump this thread up every few hours or so. It's been a day and I'm still the only one who's joined.
  4. I'm up for this challenge again! I hope I can do a better job than last time!
  5. Thanks friend.Doing my best to invite those I know.
  6. Welcome once again and thank you so very much for joining!

    I've no doubt you will do great in the challenge this time around!
  7. spaces

    spaces Fapstronaut

    I would also like to join this challenge , count me in !
  8. Yo! Count me in @Desperate_Warrior. I understand I need one check in daily, correct?
  9. Welcome to the challenge and thanks for joining!
  10. Welcome and thanks for participating M.S.H.!

    No you only need to check in once weekly once the challenge begins.
  11. Master Chips

    Master Chips Fapstronaut

  12. I hope we become teammies n.n
  13. Randox

    Randox Fapstronaut

    Kindly count me in. @Desperate_Warrior
    @Tiger uppercut! Appreciate if you could join this one, I understand if you can't :)

    Thanks for the invite Batman.
    Good luck all
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  14. Oooh! Yes, sure! It would be amazing. I hope, I would be able to help you push through new heights. :)
  15. Randox

    Randox Fapstronaut

    Good to see you back buddy, I hope you are doing well.

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