Tow Weeks, Hard Time with my wife

Discussion in 'Rebooting in a Relationship' started by frantrunks, May 27, 2019.

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    Hi Friends,

    Yesterday, i almost fall again. Mi wife is depressed about many situations, she has a family history very difficult and today i recieve this situation.

    I love my wife, she dont know abaout my fight, because she has enough problems to make her carry this too.

    She is a trigger for me, beacuse when we have a fight or discussion, she is very hurtful in is words to me. We have 3 childres, and this is a challege to.

    Thanks to god I was I did not fall yesterday, I remember to every person in tjis community and where in other situations I would have failed God remember me your experiences and this Journey.

    I encourage each member who is going through a situation like this to continue fighting, to those who are believers to keep praying, I am certain that now that I took this step supported by you, with the help of God we will move forward.

    Blessings to everyone
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    I understand you don't want to burden her with 'your' problem, but you may find she is stronger than you think. You are married, it is not your problem alone. She may not even realize that she triggers you by what she says. How can she if you never bring it up. I know I've been mean in the past, or snappy. It is something I'm working on. But recently my bf told me when I use to snap at him it was hurtful. I honestly didn't know, he showed no reaction and said nothing. To me it looked like he didn't care.
    Talk to her, include her in your recovery. Would you want her to struggle with something alone?
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  3. frantrunks

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    Thanks for your advice. We hace a beauty talking and we are in the right way now.

    This is everyday


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