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  1. SilentWolfSong

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    One of the many ways to cope with no PMO is to eat... and then overeat.

    What weight are you now?
    What weight do you want to be?
    Have you lost any weight?
    What is your plan for diet and exercise?
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  2. SilentWolfSong

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    I recently went up to 225lbs on a 6ft frame. That's the highest I've been. I've fasted for a day now and am 218ish but that's still near my previous high of 220lbs.

    I'm 218.2lbs, I want to be 177.5lbs, leaving 40.7 lbs to lose.
    When I was younger, I went from 200lbs to 152.5lbs on a ultra low calorie diet.. I started seeing stars during exercise tho.
    Stress management on NF, nursing school, working is difficult.
    My plan: Replace high sugar, high carb items with more healthier options.
    Monday is my first day off in weeks, so I can put in some research time.
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  3. I've struggled with the same problem for a while. Well, I would say my eating disorder came before my PMO addiction.

    My current weight is a lot.
    I'm 6'1 and wouldn't mind being at 190lbs.
    In the past with Keto, I had lost 280lbs. Sadly, I have gained it all back after a car accident, depression, and binge eating.
    My current plan is to get back to the Ketogains skd (standard ketogenic diet) protocol I was on and to resume some lifting.
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  4. SilentWolfSong

    SilentWolfSong Fapstronaut

    I'm sorry to hear that you regained it, I can relate to those three. The fact that you lost all that likely gives you hope that you can lose it again? At higher weights, can the loss happen quickly, like 5lbs a week? Have the car accident problems resolved?
  5. rob13_

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    I've been on a cut for the past few weeks. Only problem is my scale at home isn't always accurate, but it's the best I got so I'll share my progress:

    Week 1 Average Weight: 201.64
    Week 2 Average Weight: 200

    I weigh myself every morning after I wake up, and calculate the average after 7 days. Since weight fluctuates, I think this is the best system for me to get the most accurate data.
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  6. You would think it would but for me it felt defeating knowing I'm going to fight to reclaim ground I had already won.
    Yes, I was able to achieve these results for the most part when I tracked and ate lean protein. Most people think keto is about eating a bunch of fat, but it's not. Keto is simply any diet which restricts carbohydrates in order to induce the body into ketosis where is shifts from carbs to fats as your primary energy source. This means if you're already high body fat % then you just need to be low carb. Anyway, when I was following my macros provided by my trainer, I would consistently lose 5 pounds. Now that might be different for you since your body fat percentage is lower. At the end of the day, If you have calculated your macros and are tracking, you will make it to your goal.

    Yes, for the most part. I think I still suffer from some back issues though so if I go back to lifting, I will need to be very careful.
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  7. Warfman

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    In my college athletic days I was 6'1" 215. Ideally I think I should be 205 to 210, naturally I'm quite muscular. But I've really gained weight in the last few years tipping the scale recently at 250. This has to change, I know a lot of it has been coping with stress and over eating just like you, as well as some medical stuff that's affected what I can eat. Need to start eating right and being disciplined like I was when I used to train year round!
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  8. nellywilk

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    I recently started back working and it requires minor endurance and the weight started dropping off. I did intense cardio and lifting before but was building muscle which I did not like. I thought I would lose then burn muscle when I was exercising, but now my job has shown me how powerful walking is. I now do it over the intense exercise almost everyday. Everyday I wake up I am sore just from walking. I took couple of great insights from BetterMe blog https://harcourthealth.com/the-power-of-exercise-strengthening-your-brain-and-body/, thanks guys for doing this amazing job.
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  9. SilentWolfSong

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    Nice nellywilk!
    School is almost over, so I need to start a dietary focus... not excessive, because vacation needs to stay vacation, but a nice drop down would be good.
    Was 220ish today, dehydrated tho from stomach issues last night.
    If I can try to do no excessive added sugar until two weeks from now, that'll be good. So no ice cream.. but I have clients that I do eat out with, and can't control what a burger bun is made out of.
    No weight goals... just holistic goal of having a good diet and figuring how to manage sugar urges. Maybe, if sugar urge, then eat some fruit, some protein, and a cup of water.
  10. @SilentWolfSong Check out the book Atomic Habits by James Clear. It's a pretty helpful book. It's not about weight loss specifically, but general principles that can be applied to all sorts of goals such as weight loss. It was a much better book than I thought it'd be and may be of use to you.
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  11. SilentWolfSong

    SilentWolfSong Fapstronaut

    Thanks, it's been a bit! I have it, just that I haven't read it.. part of that is from school and work taking up so much time, part of that is from wanting to actually put into practice what I read in the first chapter, and never actually doing so or reading further.. but one day.
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  12. wd4t

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    same got out of hand during covid put on 50lbs one potentially serious issue with compulsive eating is high blood pressure.
    i have to begin fasting and increasimg water because i have a blood pressure of 140/99 which is stage two hypertension not good for a 33 year old
  13. fredisthebes

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    Happy this thread is here - im not excessively heavy but i have a pot belly on a slender frame, and i've had it for years. I'm doing various exercise to tackle the issue including weight training, pilates (for weak core and poor balance, as well as keeping my joints flexible and healthy), and cardio couple times a week (of the enjoyable, outdoor kind - for mental health and cardiovascular health). But my diet cannot be ignored, of course. I have a rather poor attitude to food, i tend to overplan and be highly disciplined during the day and then binge eat in the evenings occasionally (or more often), especially following relapses. I also eat because of stress, boredom, tiredness. I used to drink booze quite a lot, i've stopped completely but i fear i may be tackling the same issues with food.

    I'm tracking my calorie intake with MyFitnessPal, keeping a careful eye on protein/carbs breakdown too, and allowing myself regular (healthy-ish) snacks, to avoid becoming excessively hungry leading to binges. Employing other tricks like drinking a large glass of water before a meal, and only drinking water in general (apart from my morning coffee and protein shake). My plan is losing 1-2 lbs a week until i have lost 10% of my body weight, and then maintaining this weight. Then i will review what to do next (maybe lose more or concentrate on gaining muscle?)
  14. Hpy

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    Guess you could google the term 'skinny fat' once. But it looks like you're doing a great job right? What is your plan exactly, do you want to lose weight, become more fit, or build more muscle and look more muscular? If so, maybe you can determine a long term strategy and base your diet on that. It helps a lot!
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  15. FastNCurious

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    i started fasting have completed 4days 1 day refeed follwed by 3x65 hr fasts and will be continuing until i drop weight im 96kg currently and aiming to drop down to about 180-190lbs.

    since fasting my libido is more manageable and it returns when i start to refeed. with healthy food

    im all about eating healthy and looking after my health 2024
    helps with my porn addiction aswell

    fasting has really sorted my issue with excess in regards to food and it works to lower Libido while im deep into a fast
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  16. Hpy

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    Holy f*ck. 65hr fasts? How much experience do you have with fasting?
  17. GrittyRunning

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    One meal a day is a great way to lean down to Ottermode, but make sure you don’t have any medical issues before you do OMAD.
  18. FastNCurious

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    I've been fasting all my life lol but nah ive been fasting on and off for years i ise it as a weight loss aid and rebalance blood amd hormones , out of all weight loss and health regimes fasting i find is definitely the most effective. i have never noticed any muscle loss my max was 120hours . Granted you lose strength not exactly strength but glycogen, once you begin to refeed 24-48 hours all this is replaced ..you lose a bit of excess water which is also replaced, but generally i lose about 2-3lbs of fat and the transition to cleaner foods then i begin another fast after a day or two depending on my goals.

    there is alot of studies coming out that slow weight loss calorie restriction and exercise is not the most effective way to burn calories and lose weight,

    one podcast i have been listening to is called "diary of a ceo" talks about different topics business, tech, ai, etc but health another

    one of the main reasons besides high calorie deficit is very low insulin. insulin is a fat storing hormone so anytime you eat the body switches to fat storing when you don't eat you are obviously just burning through the fat and using ketones for energy.

    honestly depending on your bodyfat levels which with the milage, after about 24hours hunger just dissappears mostly because of the hormone grehlin which stimulates appetite is mostly auppressed by ketones. your pretty much just feeding off the body fat.

    yeah fasting is very useful. especially for people with high blood pressure or diabetes

    if you have low muscle mass you will become skinny fat, then lean /skinny

    If you have high density muscle , beforehand its a useful tool to get lean .

    obviously 120hours may be overkill for many but if you have considerable amount of weight to lose its actully healthy giving the body a rest . I would rather slog it out for 120hours than spend 1-2 months im like 215lbs im down to 207 this month from beginning mid December i fasted what 65hrs x 6 with one meal between each 65hour fast i have refeeding for 3 days no hunger pangs or mad sugar cravings.
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