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    Here is my personal guide, that I have used and are still using to recover and develop myself into the person I know I am and can be. I will most likely be posting more in this cathegory;

    1. Watch the ‘movie’ “E-motion” - it will change your life. Big words, I know. Everyone I’ve shows this inredible movie to have been deeply touched. It’s about how everything in our body is connected. From emotions to physical pain. This movie should be a part of every fapstronauts journey.

    2. Learn about anger. I listened to “Rage A step-by-step guide to overcoming explosive anger”. Made me understand myself and the world in a whole new way. There is all different kinds of rage and anger. The ones going out and the ones inside of us that nobody can see.

    Those two steps have and will make a difference. Watch and listen as often as possible.

    That was it, that was what I wanted to share today. I’m in week 3 and I have recently been and are still going through a lot of emotional and physical turmoil. I will just finish off with two thing more. My current background note and a little “Body-pain-mind-emotion” Map that I’m still working on. (Couldn’t post the map, will come later on)

    My personal note to myself:









    Where are you right now in this moment?

    Let yourself feel.

    Is it because of some action you havent taken in your life or right now in this very moment? Is something missing in your life? Let your gut tell you, feel your gut. If feel it take a small step towards what your gut is missing. Maybe it is love, friendship and support; call or text a friend and explain to him or her what you are going through. Breath and let the honesty flow right out of you.

    Maybe one day you realize that, whats really holding you down is repressed/suppressed anger (listen to the ebook up top) Use that anger as a driven force to change your life. Stop being angry at life and start taking action. Feel that anger, where does it root? Is there some people who made you feel you weren’t good enough? Go and take action towards a better moment - let your body and gut feeling guide you, ease your mind, and prove to yourself and them that they are wrong. You can and you will, life is there to be experienced.

    “Greater is not the warrior that conquered ten thousand enemys, Greater is the warrior that conquered the enemy within himself”

    My “Body-Pain-Mind-Emotion” map will come later on. If you have a lot of physical pain and stiffness in your body and spine, I highly highly recommend you to visit a chiropractor.
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