What to do when you relapsed so many times that you loose faith...

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by Captain K'nuckles, Jun 12, 2018.

  1. Captain K'nuckles

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    ...that you will never 'win' NoFap? seriously i am already 1 year and a half trying to healing but cringey ocd makes me relapse more than the urge itself, thoughts like 'you faped to this shit? disgusting, fap to other softer thing to feel better', i am really stuck into this, would apreciate some help here...
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  2. itachi.

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    if u loose faith , it will continue years , maybe when u learn new information about nofap, u gain confidence yourself. Actually, i loose my faith until i learn new information about that addiction, then i try new methods. When u loose faith, i didnt analyze the faults, if u have faith and u relapse, u analyze the faults and learn new information about that addiction, and it gives u power. But in other case, u just relapse and sadness then relapse- sadness, this cycle continue (when u become older, u lost a little bit lust )until u face turning point about your life. All turning point give you another chance to recover that addiction.
    I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work. (Thomas A. Edison)
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  3. Awakening123

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    It took me 4 years just to cross 30 days mark. It can take time if you don't give it all that you got. It's less about beating the addiction and more about learning the tricks of the addict mind that always convinces you to relapse. You can't always escape the urges or triggers but you can always change the way you react to them.
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  4. Dr_prof

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    Just be patient with yourself. One day you will have more will power.

    Your serenity is more important than anything else. Getting frustrated with trying doesnt help you :)
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  5. Captain K'nuckles

    Captain K'nuckles Fapstronaut

    Thanks folks, some clarification relly helps
  6. IncenseCedar

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    Captain: Seems to me that an OCD condition can complicate, or help, the process of rebooting. Are you getting help for the OCD? I would start with understanding and working on the OCD, then move into rebooting.

    This said, I think it fair to say a LOT of folks on this site go YEARS attempting nofap. They try and fail, try and fail, over and over and over. I know, I'm one who couldn't make it a week without PMO. Then something shifted. I found a book and then this site and then the strength inside me to make it a week, then two, then almost three, then BAM! relapse. I thought I could edge by just looking at porn... doesn't work! So, what did I do? Pick myself up and try again, only this time 1) no edging, 2) watch for triggers and work around them, 3) discover a new mindset, one that doesn't involve thinking about PMO, 4) filling my time with productive activities, and 5) appreciating every day I not act out.

    The results of all these actions and decisions is that at 2:30 pm pacific daylight savings time, I will have 49 days of no PMO! For the first time in my life I feel unashamed, free to choose, and clean. I know I am a long way from full recovery, but with only 49 days under my belt in reboot, I know there is a life that doesn't need PMO, that is filled with confidence and personal acceptance. And the longer I go, the more these positive feelings grow and replace the dark spaces of acting out.

    What do you do when you relapse? You pause, hug yourself, forgive yourself, love yourself, then consider what happened and why, then reboot again, and again, and again. Reflection on what led you to act out will help you try different things during the next reboot.

    Keep reading the posts at this site and respond to some as you need. A daily habit of reading and posting can keep the you focused on the goal.

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