Why do so many popular TV dramas have nudity in them?

Discussion in 'Off-topic Discussion' started by gunslinger215, Feb 4, 2018.

  1. gunslinger215

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    It’s really frustrating because for someone who is avoiding PMO would be impossible to watch because of potential triggers
  2. DemonSemen

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    Sex makes ratings which = $$. People watch sex. And unfortunately the art of subtlety and innuendo has been replaced by in-your-face TNA labeled as “edgy, gritty, more real.”

    Yawn. Fast food. For the Brain. Match our bloated bellies.
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  3. Gyorgy_Schwartz

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    Eh, I still love tits on tv. When I was 10 years old I remember wishing there were naked women on tv... Then came HBO.

    God bless
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  4. todaysresolution

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    why do people have cancer

    evil wants to promote itself and encourage sin and ruin lives
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    MLMVSS Fapstronaut

    Because sex sells.

    But it also could be cultural. I've noticed some countries like the USA are more puritanical when it comes to nudity and swearing on TV, while it's not always primarily viewed as sexual in other places such as much of Europe (although it, of course, can be).
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  6. Castielle

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    Dude, that's such a good quote right there. Simple, but so well said. That's exactly what it is. As a creator, myself, I've found that it can be so much easier to evoke certain feelings in a reader or viewer by being explicit. There's not as much craft in that. It doesn't take much talent to get people revved up and interested in a show if you're shoving boobs and sex in their face. It's laziness, pure and simple, on the creators part and the consumers.
  7. DemonSemen

    DemonSemen Fapstronaut

    So right Cass. We are what we eat and we eat a lot of that stuff. I’m reminded of a line from Bukowski—something like “remember when the sight of a woman’s ankle could drive a man wild?”
  8. This^
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  9. Ongoingsupport

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    I can't help but think of the psychological equivalent of being naked, which would be being open and vulnerable with your true feelings with all the skeletons in your closet - 'naked' in the sense of having no secrets, being willing to bare your soul so to speak which is actually pretty rare.

    Of course, that kind of openness is not popular either. Even people who appreciate it when they come across that kind of self disclosure may hesitate to do it themselves, and some people may just generally regard it as a bad move to share that much. It seems people prefer positive lies rather than the gritty truth.
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  10. I was looking through a list of the most popular TV dramas and by my estimation the shows that don't show nudity outweigh the shows that do. So yeah, there's plenty of shows that don't have it but nudity is higher than I expected. But this idea of sex selling a TV show is actually a bit outdated since most nudity in shows will find its way onto a tube porn site, and if someone wants to just see nudity they'll avoid the show and go to these porn tube sites. Sometimes nudity can be helpful towards the telling of the story but mostly it's about getting more people to watch the show.
  11. spisbad

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    Certain shows do it really well - in "Spartacus" series everyone was naked 90% of the time; the slave master was always getting off in one way or another, the guys were lined up nude and examined by guests, the girls in the crowd at the arena tore their shirts open to a good show or a kill. It added to the savage and hedonist tone.

    Another series that comes to mind is Oz: it shows the (albeit sometimes exaggerated) reality of the prison.

    I think that these two series woulve been less captivating without the nudity.
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  12. Taylor25

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    It happens with modern horror movies as well. Not alot of them but sometimes horror genre focused on gore porn than just something scary, creepy, whatever to say but it's getting out of hand.

    Almost every Friday the 13th movie had nudities and they were all only focused on the story about the serial killer.
  13. Everything on television is fake.

    Absolutely all of it.

    Turn off that flickering demonbox and resusitate your brain.

  14. spisbad

    spisbad Fapstronaut

    Isnt it being fake the point? A distraction from reality? My Sony is not a demonbox =°[
  15. Trust me, they call it "Programming" for a reason.
  16. Castielle

    Castielle Fapstronaut

    Eh, dont mind him. There's always at least one person who has to come in and say TV is evil and will fry your brain. You do you.
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  17. Everything? Seriously?

    I once watched a documentary on Auschwitz, so Auschwitz is fake?
    How about the documentary on the 1066 invasion? You going to tell me the Normans never invaded England?
    On Sunday I watched the Super Bowl, so the Super Bowl isn't real?
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  18. 1) Of course Auschwitz was fake, that hokey story about muh six million is so over the top that only those with chutzpah could tell it with a straight face.

    2) History on TV is only mentioned as entertainment, or to condemn historical ideas.

    3) The Super Bowl is bread and circuses and a media spectacle, everything about it is theatre, misdirection, glitz, glam, and showmanship. Hardly "real."
  19. So in other words it is an event that actually takes place and therefore not everything on TV is fake.

    But forget the Super Bowl, MLB? Is that fake too? Then what about NBL? Since the NBL doesn't get any TV coverage does that means it's not fake but since MLB is on TV that it's actually fake?
  20. Evidence?

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