You dont always need a plan, sometimes you just gotta have to do it.

Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by Digga187, Mar 3, 2020.

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    You know how they say the brave are the lucky. Ive learned recently that overthinking just causes you to procrastinate and delay the stuff that needs to be done. Break up the contact with the people who you cant stand and dont Need, go out and run, train your body, start playing a sport, love your Family, love your Friends. All those Things dont Need any plan or thinking but can give you the biggest motivation of this world. Think about it like this, theres winner and losers. The winner are just losers who didnt give a fuck and tried again and again until they got what they wanted. Its either you fuck the world or the world fucks you. You dont have to fear anything or anyone but god. Everyone else is human and that means god is above them. If you feel like you have him behind you it doesnt bother you shit whos standing in front of you. Say what you want, do what you want, be the motherfucker who just doesnt care about all These average people. Be the fucking lion among the sheep. If you say i wont fap that should mean you dont think twice about it. Doesnt matter how many Things are holding you back, god made you strong enough to withstand any challenge he puts at you.

    Stay strong and fight. Dont let this weak and dirty world fuck you up. Be the one who they look at and say i wanna be like that dont have to balls to take my life in my hand.

    Believe fight rise win
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    I like it. What you say is true too.

    I felt the bit about it is either you fuck the world or the world fucks you was a little out of sync with other things you were saying but I know what you mean.

    It is just your way of saying it.

    On that note,

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