23 y/o No job, no education, no friends and no girlfriend

Discussion in 'Loneliness' started by ElTrigly, Mar 29, 2017.

  1. I will say this: By looking at your profile picture, I would have never dreamed that you didn't have a girlfriend. Weird how reality works, %^$%ed up for sure though.
  2. Horse808

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    Bro, I too am 23. I just started this "NoFap" journey tonight. I saw your post and I can relate. I feel as if women, school and life has just withered away. I'm lost and don't know what to do.
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  3. Horse808

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    Seriously? Dang bro. All I do is fap, work and play video games. I just started the "NoFap" tonight hopefully I will have more energy to do shit.
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  4. Surely I thought the same.
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  5. MellowFellow

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    I second the advice on volunteering. You'll be doing something productive which you enjoy (or if you don't you'll know not to pursue it) and it'll probably be something which benefits the community too. You'll have a routine, self-worth, something to add to your CV, and you'll meet people and develop personal and professional connections. I met my partner and I'm doing something I enjoy through volunteer work.

    If I could I would give this advice to my younger self when I was your age and in your situation.
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    Hey man I'm in the same boat, it's been awhile since I left school, no job, no life living in parent's house. Friends either studying or get married. Everybody is changing and I don't feel the same, but after reading through this thread I feel different and thank you for this post.
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  7. Ghost_Rider

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    You are strongest when alone :)
    Have your own standards, have integrity and if someone fits in then fine, otherwise go solo and enjoy life.
    You don't need friends, women etc to be happy dude,
    You just need 1 thing - that is your goal, yoir passion, thats all is needed in a man's life to be happy :).
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  8. I know what it's like to feel unmotivated as I'm currently unemployed. But I find that writing out a schedule can help. When write one out I feel I'm not wasting my days, I feel like I have a purpose and I also get things done.
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  9. I feel for you man, currently In a similar position, kissless virgin, low paying job, no education, and no social circle. However, I personally found motivation through spiritual guidance by becoming a Christian, I'm not here to convert you or anything, but its something to check out when you feel like the world is bringing you down. Nofap gave me the energy and mental clarity to start a workout routine, and to take up more hobbies like reading or painting. I'm also currently studying at home for free to be a game developer.

    The main point is that you should focus on developing yourself. If you're on the computer all day, then start learning a profitable digital skill like web design or music, there is so many free resources, you don't even need College! Then start a workout routine, with the help of nofap retaining your testosterone levels, you should be able to lift/run to your full potential, you should check out sites like BodyBuilding.com and put together a diet and workout schedule. In terms of women and friends, its best to worry about that last, they will eventually come the longer you spend building your life up.

    I wish you the best, just remember that it will all make sense one day.
  10. Kinda in the same situation, but slowly things are getting better. When I used to do the "dirty" things too, it got me crazy ,but now , while being "cleaner" , I feel and perform better.
    Its funny how one addiction can ruin so many things.
    Still working on the side of getting more friends, a better job and finally a girlfriend.
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  11. John84

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    What education level, grade 12? Find your nearest continuing adult education center, and enroll there to finish your grade 12. You'll also meet new people usually between the ages of 20 to 35 and the odd 40-60 year old. (Also its goldmine to meet woman.) It will get you outta the house.
  12. Tekkadan

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    If you want, we can work together. I'm just like you. Gotta start from scratch. Almost no friend etc. Girlfriend? I don't care about that. Enjoy being single, heart break can mess you up beyond your imagination. The rest however, I would like to have as well. Friends, education, a job, driving license. Join me.
  13. tendency14

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    dont feel depressed, start focusing into something, working out on the body to get the best you can to attract nice girls, because the body actually plays a big part wen it comes to getting a girl or start learning a profession you like, i started with programming on my own, i saw one day a kid selling an app at 100$ and got me hyped, i saw many jobs offers with no need of bachelors or study in the area, juts being good at it is what is was asked, i made a dumb simple program in java, wich it was actually fun to make, and sold it for 500$ just by typing from my home, graphic design is also a good profession, just download a program that is being used for graphic desing and start learning how to use it and get a job, you can even make you own mini company by getting with friends that know programming and start working by your selfs developing apps and selling them, wich can make a lot of money, and something i learned from experiences, girls like to see the green papers haha
  14. Advaita

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    Travel dude, come down to Asia (I am sure you can do something minial in the west to come up with that sort of money).
    You can get shit load of sex and probably a life changing experience too!!
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  15. Bowcaster

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    Why are you talking in past tense?! Education is incredibly important and it's never too late to start. It's a mistake to think education is something you do for 4 years in college and then you're done and if you missed that you are screwed. Education is a lifelong journey. Even those who already have degrees have to keep learning to stay relevant/ahead in their field. So get back up on that horse! What are you interesting in doing? Find a goal and start making progress. As long as you're working on improving yourself you will do just that - improve! I wish you luck, now go get 'em soldier!
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  16. I went to university at 24. You still have time. Eat healthy and go for runs to get out of the house.
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  17. I can relate to a lot of the things you just said I used to be like that too in fact I still have problems to deal with. I also have next to no friends a big part of that is because of my anxiety. I also don’t have a girlfriend for similar reasons too. However, I do have a job and even though I am not going out much right now being an introvert I do have things going on in my life which keeps me busy.

    Everyone is different but I can tell you what is working for me. You need motivation and passion things to work towards otherwise your life will feel meaningless and of course you will get depressed sitting at home doing nothing every day you must break the cycle. 30 days doing something different is all it takes to form new behaviour patterns. In my case right now I am working on my programming, diet as well as dating which includes nofap on hard mode. Start by changing your mind-set get an app like ThinkUp (google it) and start doing daily affirmations. I am also part of a dating coaching group on facebook and I have done dating bootcamps to improve my personality and many other areas of my life. I also listen to podcasts and audio books for learning and knowledge in different areas.

    That’s just a few things but there are so many things you can do. You have a computer are you interested in programming? You could learn at home for free you don’t even need an education just self learn from videos on youtube and google it can lead to employment. What you have is a LOT of free time, you could try going out there and talking to random people to build confidence lower anxiety. Join the gym workout. You can even make friends using social media if you wanted. Do anything to give your life some purpose you will see a the change.
  18. Tested

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    I'm sorry to read that you are low; and struggling.
    I struggled at your age; in the end I went to a recruitment agency and they got me a job doing admin stuff for a firm; six months after I started working there as a temp, a proper job opened up as a perm in the IT dept. That was in 2001. I am still working in IT. My advice; register with agencies, get a job via them, it won't be great, turn up on time, make an effort, you will stand out and get noticed positively. If that is a day job; get another job in the evenings at a pizza place or restaurant. You will get out of your home, you will be with other people. On the weekend, again, you could get a weekend job at a golf club or retail or have time off.

    I have started a book reading programme on NF; I have a few members. We are reading:
    you are welcome to join. PM if you want to take part. Hope you will.
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    Dude I totally understand u. I mean something we are the same. I"m a Chinese 21. I failed my education and can"t get a job and no driver licence. And u know sometimes we can"t control ourself desire. To be honest I really hope u can come to China. I mean an American in China No matter how sucks.(Sorry I”m not say u are suck) He can get many gf.Really. You can download Wechat App and add my account. We can talk each other. Well my English is fucking suck. Excuse my poor English.
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  20. The Consigliere

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    Hey I know the feeling. Believe me. And I'm only 18. But I'm going to ask you to do something right here in this thread.

    I want you to list as much as you can of great things about you. What are you proud of? What puts a smile on your face? Stuff like that. List it here. As much as you can. Don't be shy. Feel free to brag about yourself, but be honest too.

    Those who put negativity into the universe receives it.

    Those who put positivity into the universe receives it.

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