50+ Days Benefits, Advice, and Concerns

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    Background: I'm 23, suffered from PIED for roughly 1 year and before discovering NoFap this year I was PMOing almost daily since I was about 12.

    This week I achieved 50+ days of no PMO and am still going strong. I've learned and gained a lot throughout my NoFap journey so far and don't plan on ever returning to my old self. Biggest changes I noticed within the first few weeks of NoFap was how much more motivated I was to go out and meet real women. It was kind of ironic, within the first couple weeks I went on a few dates with the most stunning girl that's ever been interested in me. Not to toot my own horn, but I've never been a bad looking guy and have been into lifting weights for 8 consistent years now. I just never had many women approach me or show much interest in me over the past few years when I was lost and addicted to PMO. There was a handful of women that did, but they weren't my type and I didn't find them attractive (This will all make sense in regards to my theory later on).

    So this girl and I were seeing each other every weekend for the past 6 weeks and only a couple weeks ago I went home with her after a night out to have sex. Now by this stage, I was close to 40 days of NoFap. I thought I would've been more than ready, as I found this girl extremely attractive (10/10) and had been experiencing morning wood every morning for around the past 30 days when I would wake up. Long story short, the sex wasn't that great, maybe went for 5-10 mins, and towards the end I noticed myself losing the stiffness in my erection. I didn't finish, but I still take it as a positive since I got to re-experience what it's like to be having sex again (last successful sex I had was over 2 years ago). I just realized it's going to take some more time before I'm completely healed. The girl and I have stopped communicating due to the reason we didn't really connect on an emotional/personal level, and because she's a couple of years older which I think some girls care about (I personally couldn't give a shit if there's a couple of years difference in an age gap). I could've fallen back into a PMO trap after this heartbreak because I did develop feelings for her later on, and I've noticed with myself in the past that I used PMO to avoid emotions, but I chose to thank her (in my head) and the universe for providing me that experience which made me aware that I'm on the right path. Once again I looked at the positives and realized what this NoFap journey brought to light. As long as I stay on this path, I am only going to gain more positive experiences with women and learn a ton about personal growth, and how to achieve the healthiest well-being for myself.

    What I learned from that experience is that I know that it wasn't a coincidence this 10/10 girl decided to approach me, as I mentioned in the first paragraph, I never had an attractive girl I was interested in approach me or give off signals in the past few years when I was a porn addict. In fact! I'd known this girl for a couple of years through social sport and not once did she ever approach me, up until I changed my outlook, intentions, and started NoFap she started showing interest. That's when it all clicked with me and I realized there's more to NoFap then just identifying it as a lifestyle or behavioural change. I personally believe that the positive energy and intentions you put out into the world, the universe will find a way to repay you and return similar energy. A lot of this has to do with quantum physics, if you are interested I highly recommend looking into it. NoFap enables men to possess and give off more positive and coherent waves of energy. Biologically your body and brain are going through positive changes when on NoFap, this can be recognized with simply just the increase in testosterone levels and your desire to attain more rewarding and realistic goals in life (dating, relationship goals, etc). Compared to being a Beta male and releasing a large amount of your energy by fapping and looking at pixels which are draining valuable chemicals from your brain and body. (These chemicals are valuable if you put them to good use to attain your desired goals).

    - More energy
    - Generally happier
    - No more brain fog
    - Enhanced memory
    - Thicker hair/less hair loss (When I was pmoing daily I noticed my hair becoming oily and easily falling out, I believe this is due to the heightened stress and anxiety extreme PMO can create).
    - Less anxiety
    - Increased confidence
    - Increased size in flaccid penis
    - Stronger erections/morning wood every day


    - Discover what motivates you and makes you feel valued, strive for the best version of yourself, that way it will be hard for yourself to ever relapse because you know how good it feels to be living as your best version and you won't want to ruin that.
    - Use women as motivation!!! I don't mean putting women up on a pedestal, I'm talking about putting yourself out there and highly valuing yourself until you notice women drawing themselves towards you. Once they do, use this as motivation to further increase your confidence and understand that NoFap truly does draw positive energy/experiences towards you.
    - A big key is to value women for who they are as well, they offer SO much to the world, they are literally the life-givers in this world. View women as one of the greatest gifts the universe has to offer, they can teach us men a lot in life, whether we think it or not, they can. P*** portrays women as vulnerable in a negative light and can cause men to turn into incels by objectifying them.
    - Dedicate more time to bigger goals in life (work, study, sport, etc). You'll be surprised how much more focus and energy you are able to invest in these aspects of your life once you remove PMO.


    - In my 50+ days of No PMO, I haven't had 1 wet dream, now I'm not sure if this is common and if other guys have had this experience but I've just found it a little strange that I haven't had one.
    - I also haven't had spontaneous erections like some guys mention they get in public etc. I've only noticed intense morning wood which can last for up to 10 minutes some mornings. I'm assuming once you achieve these spontaneous erections that it's a sign of dysfunctions like PIED is completely healed.
    - I had one negative experience when browsing Instagram on about day 45 and saw an image that caused a bit of precum to surface. Instantly I felt a crazy intense rush of dopamine which caused my body to tingle. I noticed over the following 48 hours how much smaller my penis looked as well. Avoiding social media is a major key. It can ignite the trigger to relapse.
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    i never had wet dream in my life , im not concerned at all , once i had O 100% in my sleep , but when i woke up i was dry . Go figure!!
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    Interesting @happah78. I've only ever recalled having a handful of wet dreams, though they were mostly in my teenage years. It just seems to be very common for men to experience them when on NoFap, as it is a way for your body to release excess old sperm. Though I did just read that it's very normal for males to not experience them.
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    Thanks for sharing your story. Your outlook is very positive and I wish you the best in your journey.

    I'm twice your age, but I've noticed many of the same benefits.

    It has usually taken me 4-5 months of nofap before I experience a wet dream. I recently experienced one. Before that, I last orgasmed in sexual intercourse in June.
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    Great post, these good stories help me a lot, keep it up brother!
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    Well done! Keep it going mate.

    Regarding the wet dream, don't worry too much, I never had one too (19 yo). Im on day 24 and Im curious to how it feels like.
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    thanks man......i feel very great reading your success story! definitely not a coincidence that a 10/10 attracted to you while you were in Nofap.

    More great things await....Godspeed!
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    It does wonders my man, especially considering I never really had women overly interested in me over the past few years. Yeah I was still having nights out with friends etc, but no women were ever really trying to make moves or show their interest in me. Nowadays I’m even having women just smile at me more in conversations. It’s the little things you start to notice that motivate you to never stop the journey. Majority of it has to do with the energy you put out and what your mindset is, consciously and unconsciously.
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    Yeah I do see the 'little things' increasingly. The wank shadow is an unfortunate place to regard as normal...
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    100% agree!
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    Absolutely! This week I had two experiences regarding Youtube videos that easily could be viewed as P-subs. It's difficult, since sometimes those videos just pop up into your face. Much awareness is needed not to fall into the porn trap once more on this occasions. All the best!
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  12. I started developing oily scalp after I started eating junk food and sugary foods (Popsicles) for three weeks.

    My stress isn't as strong as before, but I'll wait till Day 50. If nothing changed, I'll wait 500 days!! Oh yeah! :cool:
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    GGs dude, nice post and great achievement. I'm starting nofap today and will reach 50 days the 1st of Jan. I workout as well but had a 3 month hiatus due to injuries, I'm planning on going back though. In which way did the gym help you other than keeping yourself occupied, did it increase libido or decrease it affecting urges etc...

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