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  1. Day 6. Let's go, brothers. When we fall, we get up. And if we have trouble getting up, we help each other up. Keep trying. Keep going. Never give up the good fight!
  2. Missed Fri somehow so this is for past 2 days

    Day 5/90 No PM (ends May 10)
    Day 386 on this challenge
    Day 135 weight training (M, W, F)
    Reduced caffeine, sweets and alcohol

    - feeling great with no urges or triggers whatsoever so far ... early days .... one day at a time :)
  3. Phoenix1

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    Relapsed yesterday.Its sad how an on my phone browser suddenly popped up and triggered so hard that I ended up watching poen and MOed twice.I am sad but got a lesson that I need to limit my smartphone usage.I will use it only when I have some work amd not just spend time on it.
    Day 1
  4. dannyboy91

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  5. Mansfelder

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    15 days / one sixth! Instead of starring at the screen for work, I decided to have a long winter walk. Also had a good conversation with my wife this morning...
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  6. Guys I F'ed up. Had a really productive week which was good, but thought I could wind down last night with a few drinks. Foolish idea this early after my recent relapse. I gave into the chaser effect and even worse I looked at some awful stuff that I don't want to ever see again.

    Feel a little sick this morning, both from a slight hangover and from PMO regrets. I think I'm going to have to find a better way to relax since alcohol just opens the door to self-destructive acting out. Just threw my first week away - dammit I know better.

    Ok enough feeling sorry for myself. I've been here before - this is just a setback. Time to get motivated and take positive steps, starting with resetting my counter. Day 0.
  7. PowerfulSRE

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  8. RiseToGreatness

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    that´s the spirit bro. Keep going!!!
  9. RiseToGreatness

    RiseToGreatness Fapstronaut

    yeah, staying outdoors really helps boosting our mood, while staying at home for long periods of time can deplete our mood so it´s good to have the two in balance. Keep going bro!!!
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  10. RiseToGreatness

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  11. bromor

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    Day 49! Keep rollin rollin rollin! :D The girl I am going out is on her period so this is a true test to me with the chaser effect and whatnot. Have not looked at any porn ofc, just get mad erections I have to deal with. At least all fantasies that go through my mind all involve her and me and no weird stuff :) Keep going guys :)
  12. RestartGame_

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    Be sure not to beat yourself up ;) This is part of the recovery process.

    My point of view about alcohol: Alcohol does not help, in any way, to mentally solve emotional baggage (may it be related to anything) or to "forget" or to "relax". It can at some point kinda surpress our emotional baggage and basically hide it from awareness. Making our minds kinda hazy and foggy and at some point we become drunk. So it not only temporarily surpresses our subconscious emotional part but also at some point our conscious part. Making us completely unaware of what we're doing so we don't remember the next day and all the problems are still there.

    My suggestion.

    I'd cut out alcohol completely since you don't need it in your recovery anyways. Also when eating a certain amount of unhealthy food it will increase your stress levels, which will also create cravings.

    Finding a different way to relax is mostly not easy, and one should not give up halfways thinking it's impossible. It takes some work and you can do it! ;)

    Let me share some of the things I do in times of craving.

    When I have cravings, I tend to forget the downsides of POM. My emotions /cravings overshadow my rational mind. So I need to remind myself of the truth about POM and pros of abstinence and recovery, feeding the right wolf so to speak. Speak it in your mind or say it to yourself (kind of like self-talk). But have it written down on paper beforehand, so you are prepared.
    So everytime I do it I can remember the truth more easily and it will inevitably affect how I feel and the cravings decrease or disappear in the moment of craving.
    This is the exercise I do, mostly at night when I am trying to sleep or in the morning waking up, in case I have cravings or fantasies or whatever.
    But you can do it anytime. I recommend checking out Universal Man about self-talk.

    Sometimes it just decreases a little bit, it's never a one on one replacement with POM, of course.

    I take actions as well like breathing exercise, go for a walk, take a shower, meditation.
    Regular exercise, socialize depending on the vibe and the conversation.

    Maybe try to do things in phases.
    I recommend watching universal man (one of the best POM recovery advices I got from).

    The part about doing the recovery in phases is this one:

    This is part one of the whole series (you can start watching from here on forward):

    Hope this helps.

    From here on it goes only forward ;)

    Good luck!
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  13. Day 6/90 No PM (ends May 10)
    Day 387 on this challenge
    Day 135 weight training (M, W, F)
    Lifestyle Choices: reduced caffeine, desserts and alcohol
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  15. Monster@123

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    Day - 89/90....
    One day to go....
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  16. Thanks a lot for the words of support and practical strategies. Much appreciated, friend. You're right about not beating oneself up. I give myself about an hour to feel like an idiot, then I get right back into taking whatever positive actions I can. Will definitely check out the resources you mentioned!
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  17. RestartGame_

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    Day 7. Had some sexual scenarious appearing in my mind in the morning. Well, still no effect on me. It is completely normal. That's my brain processing the whole PMO crap.

    Yeah. Starting from tomorrow I got 7 days down, while undergoing of what I consider for myself to be significant hardship. Maybe a little less of a hardship because I was able to sleep for the past 2 days. And I am going to sleep now right after this post, because I love posting here and I love you guys. ;)
    My tinnitus is slightly better, but I still have the cold. So I might only be able to tell if it is getting better after I am over my cold. I also don't have hyperacusis or anything (I said I had it because I had only a vague understanding of it. After going to the ENT doctor he explained it to me and I don't have it).
    So hopefully this was the lesson and I learned it by now. That even on my worst days, I should not reach for PMO as a "solution" or "quick fix".
    In fact, on my worst days, that's the least thing I should do, because in those days that's where I need the most fixing. And PMO is as you all know, the exact opposite of that.

    About my job.

    It's getting kinda hard for me to hold on to that job, because they are making it difficult for me to stay there.
    They moved to a location far away from transport, so they provided us with 3 shuttles for 3 different shifts. And I only do 1 of those shifts which means I have 1 shuttle. That means if I miss my shuttle, I'm f'ed and have to find another way there which is going to be highly inconvenient and probably cost me extra money :)

    Same thing when I want to do overtime, it's going to be a struggle with the transport.
    This week I still have the night shift (They didn't get my message yet when I said, I have sleeping problems but that's ok, still gotta wait for that confirmation)
    I gotta see if I straighten this situation out otherwise I might loose some money for this week.
    If I manage to straighten this out --> I have a safe and efficient public transport route and am free to do as much overtime as I want everyday.
    If I have to leave the company --> Gotta look for a job beforehand just in case. Just to have some backup. And start working somewhere else.

    How's it going to be for this week, only tomorrow will tell ;)

    I'll keep you updated.

    Let's keep on going!

    Fist bump!
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