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  1. Day 5/30 No PM (June)
    Day 498 at attempting this challenge
    Day 178 weigh training (M, W, F)
    Lifestyle: No caffeine, no alcohol and reduced desserts
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    @hermitthefrog Love it! Important and helpful reminder for all of us warriors who are constantly in ‘attack’ mode.

    In the midst of the chaos of life and commotion of the battlefield, we must recall and celebrate our current progress along with our past victories.

    Thank you bro!!
  4. Lamboskovich

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    Checking in Day 20/90

    Proud of myself for maintaining better self control. Met up with my parents to celebrate mom’s birthday at a restaurant by the beach. We took 2 strolls along the beach. Beautiful women everywhere! Walking, running, socializing. Some dressed in very tight clothing or minimal clothing (since it’s a beach). I did a good job with not staring or fantasizing.

    The old me probably would have returned home, allowed negative emotions to spiral, guilt, shame, self doubt, and then a relapse would occur.

    Today I’m feeling good. Healthy and confident. I’m happy with the person I am becoming.
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    Lol...it's just kind of like attitude. Like something like I made it to this day kind. Not sexual kind or anything. I don't use it much lol.
    How's your streak going man?
  6. Srisurya

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    Nice work MrHouse! I can see you clearly from the 90summit... Final ascent - see you soon! :emoji_handball:.............. :emoji_dart:
  8. Day 44/90.. just 2 more day to reach 50% of the goal
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  9. 21/90. 3 weeks, just 9 more days until my next milestone awesome job everyone
  10. prabhat tiwari

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  12. Nekkhamma

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    14 days no pmo. I’m gonna try to get just one more...
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  13. It's my day 44 .. it's weird but feeling a little low and sleepy with no reason at all.. just carrying my way out . Any clue ?
  14. JustForTodayz

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    "Why is somebody reaching for stimulates? Not because someone has the imperative or genotype of a drug addict, but because he have an extraordinary sensitivity to loneliness" - Kuba Wojewódzki

    So why do we do it? What makes us do it? Is it something related to our past..? Is it part of our inherited "genotype"? Or are we just simply deviated... and perhaps some stronger power than us, the power that dwells in this corrupted world have taught us to do it?
    I was thinking of myself and it took me a while to understand the motives behind. Definitely it might be the mixture of feelings and causes, but definitely most of it is simple loneliness...
    As far as I belive this world and whole porn industry is desined to capture young people minds. Take them over and devour them having no regret at all. And very often young broken heart is inclined to buried its lonelines and feeling of separation in deep ocean of any sort of addiction. In my case it was pornography. I wasn't always lonely of course... and to be honest I wasn't always M to P, but years of practissing plowed the pattern in my brain of hiding my feelings, especially felling of loneliness. Even when I had some sort of comfort by being with somebody in relationship the pattern was already there and any stressful sytuation, any dissapointment, any mood swing pushed me into pornographic pit.
    Yes a loneliness that has been a "good friend of mine" for years trigered me to become somebody who enjoyed every pornographic trance.
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    Day 56 No M
    Day 161 No P

    Guys, I got really emotional watching this, because I tend to imagine the situations described in videos like this. Please watch it and remember there is a great deal of bigger issues that we need to face in life. This is why I say to you - Get it together, we can all do this, face this problem, resolve it, become stronger and forget about it. Move on with your life, be better prepared for all bigger things life will throw at you! This is a serious personal issue that we are facing here BUT it is far from the biggest problems in the world. This here should not be the focus of your life, it should be the focus while you resolve it and then move on! We need to become the good monsters that Jordan Peterson describes here and be able to take care of ourselves, not relying on external help all the time!

    I realize the speech sounds rather dark and negative for the most part, but it speaks a lot of truths that we need to realize to live a better life! Deal with PMO and then start dealing with the rest of your life and forget PMO addiction.

    Have a nice Sunday everyone!

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    Day 17 of my 90 day hard mode challenge. Starting to have much more intense dreams and there have been several weak moments but I've battled through. Cutting any temptations from my social media feeds have been a help, but I wouldn't have been a able to get this far without this community, so thankyou everyone.
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