Battle Cry!

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  1. Hey you guys,

    I would like to thank all of you for sharing your journey’s and inspiring me to want to join this family of Fapstronauts officially. I came across this community a couple of months ago in search of answers. Even though I would seek out other people threads for advice and stories, I was kind of ashamed to join. You see, I didn’t start off as a fapper as a kid. It all started 4 years ago at the age of 22. I was in a long-distance relationship with this girl who looked at me weird for not fapping or being sexual abstinence until marriage. Of course, I look at porn occasionally, but after that relationship went away I developed serious PMO problem. We both were virgins but wanted to be intimate with each other. Our curiosity destroyed both of us. When we finally meet, I was a full-blown fapper in denial. In person, you know, the thing became pretty heated. We started kissing and touching, but I couldn’t keep it up. It started as a reflex to PMO, I begin thinking about porn and images of her sister to get it up. So, I told her I couldn’t. She wanted to try again but I denied her. After getting back home, I still PMOed and our relationship fell apart. To be honest I started to PMO every day and it killed who I was as a male. One day I looked up and 4 years pass by, that thing that was so innocent at first consumed the essence of who I was. I needed it every day to gain false control of who I was. So a month ago I decided to quit, but it didn’t work out fully. I will keep trying to I get it right until I succeed. I want to start over Today the right way, with you guys there helping me every step of the way until I can run sustain on my own. I’m a loner, but I’m started to realize it takes a village. Fapstronauts! LET ME HEAR YOUR BATTLE CRY!!!!
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    Welcome to NoFap. Sexually experimenting can often lead to having sex, so if you want to be a virgin until marriage, perhaps you should cut back on the touching [with a girl] and whatnot. NoFap can definitely be a help to you. Try to come here regularly, so you will receive benefits on a regular basis.
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  3. Thanks for welcoming me here. I will trying to come as much as can
  4. Welcome to our community. I just started too and I am glad to be with you! :)
    I wish you good luck on your journey!
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