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    As Bruce Lee once said, you have to be happy but never satisfied with who you are. This means that in order to always go forward in your life you need to A) be at peace with yourself and B) always look for more.

    We always have goals and dreams in our life, so what we do is create expectations of what our life should be. That means you feel pressure for doing what you want and you feel like the life you have right now isn't worth it, you're not at peace with who you are. It's important to understand you can't be in control of anything more than yourself, accept your reality and work from it.

    In order to feel at peace you need to connect all your psyche: body, mind and soul. If you've ever felt like you were a stranger in the room where you know where your physical body is but you are always in your head, that means you've got to connect. In order to reach that connection try meditation, understand what your body feels, what your mind thinks and how your soul feels. Reach that connection with your inner self so you can actually make your physical body free. You don't want to be in your head, you want to be out there, being free, being in connection with the world around you.

    Repeat to yourself every day "I'm at peace with myself", analize your situation and say "this is the situation I'm in and it's just fine". Stop putting yourself under your own pressure, feeling like if you don't achieve your goals and dreams you're worthless. Give yourself worthiness.

    Now, this doesn't mean that you have to keep yourself in the situation you're in, always look for something more. Find out which are the things that you love doing and which are the things you want to do. You're probably scared of the things you want to do but you haven't done, and that's when inner peace takes place. Whenever you're scared to take action you can do 2 things: either put pressure on yourself so you think that if you don't act you're worthless, or you can tell yourself that you're doing the things you want because you love yourself.

    That, right there, is where freedom is. There are just two sources of power from where you act: love and hate. If your power is driven by hate, yes, you'll be very powerful and you'll be able to achieve things but you're going to burn yourself out with anxiety and stress. If you're driven by the power of love (I know it sounds cheesy but it's true) you'll be able to act motivated by self value. And when you act this way you'll notice the value of fear. Because fear means resistance and resistance means you're achieving. So make a compromise, promise yourself that whenever you feel resistance to act, it means you've got to act. But remember to take all that pressure of your shoulders, remember that if you act is out of love and if you don't, don't beat yourself down. Celebrate every little achievement and go step by step.

    Remember: give yourself value, because no one else is going to.
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