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    Hi i need some help i dont know if i am weird but sometimes i watch gay porn ; especifically cum tributes and i don't wanna fap anymore , i 'm not gay. But i watch that and for some reason i like it ,help me please.
    How i stop stroking
    Why the cum tributes likes me
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  2. You have porn induced fetishes like many others here. That's "normal" for a porn addict. You have to stop watching porn at all to rid yourself from them.
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    Believe me i've tried but after a few days i turn back to watch it and i dont know what to do
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  4. You have to stop watching. Block all porn sites, use K9 or other software. If it's that severe you may need a specialist help. There's no other way.
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    Maybe you are gay
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    I am 29 .. watching porn since I was 12 .
    Never new I was addicted .. never heard of nofap.. just going on..
    I tried to stop this and believe me you can hold it for a week.. but when weekend comes .. it's all back and you'll think it's ok to stop for 5 days and I'll watch now and get satisfaction and then from tomorrow onwards I'll try to abstain for two weeks..
    Well tomorrow is Sunday .. you'll watch and fap it again thinking you'll start from Monday..
    In next week you'll do on thursday by accident and then you'll think ooooppss .. it's done so I'll again start from Monday and the you'll watch and satisfy yourself on Friday Saturday and Sunday.

    Now on Monday you'll think ohh I'll start from 1st of next month it's only 4 days away and swearing this time..

    And it's all going to repeat and I'm next month you'll block some websites .. then stop watching youtube for some time and this sort of things you'll do whole year.

    Trust me.
    I found that two year ago that there is something not proper while having sex with my gf..

    And after that two years i kept giving excuses that I'll stop from today from Monday from next month and many more.

    Now it's been 20 days and I have stopped it all. Nothing at all.. and now I don't imagine sex at my office.. I don't imagine sex in bus... I don't imagine sex while commuting..

    The secret is..
    I started reading a novel. It doesn't give me time to think anything else. I come from office at 5 and get into that novel and I read it till 8 .. have dinner and again back to it.. call my friends on phone for time pass... Then back to novel.. sleep at 1am and wake up at 7 am .. back to novel.. I don't watch TV.. I don't watch movies on laptop.. infact I haven't opened laptop in days.. I read on Kindle so there is no option of just googling stuff and distraction by anything..

    I chose a novel..
    The mistborn triology..
    It has 3 books in series.. and then three more books in series .. and then 2 books as prequel..
    Total 8 books..
    I have reached on 3rd in 20 days..
    By the time I complete 8.. 90 days will be passed..

    Also the great..

    My suggestion: reading is excellent habit. Select some book with long series and get yourself involved into... Also this book has no porn or sex stuff so you'll not reach down your trouser while reading it.

    It helped me a lot and I already see changes in my routine..
    I need less sleep.
    I am attentive at office .. I feel a new energy in myself..

    Try it out.

    I might not have explained in some attractive fashion and with good vocabulary.. but trust me it has helped me ..
    And surely will
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    Ordinary porn does not excite your brain anymore and thats why you are looking at new genres of porn. This should be a sign to stop watching porn.

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