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  1. Hi guys. I have this problem when I go without fap for several days. lets say I did nofap for 7 days, then for some reasons I fap, and I don't fap only once. I fap 2 to 3 times that day and then continue it for 3 to 4 days(each day at least fapping once). And this gives me idea of fap conservation. Its like, I fap as much as I had to if I did't do NoFap.(When I don't do nofap, I fap for about once in 2 days). And after that, I become demotivated that nofap days is replaced by extreme fap days. Can you please help me with that?
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    Happens to me a lot as well, basically your brain craves porn, the good feelings you get from it, and when it doesnt get what it wants, it takes in as much as it can the first opportunity it gets. Its like a hungry wolf that will eat half its weight when it gets the opportunity since it doesnt know when it will be the next time it gets to eat.
    In my case the relapses have become less intense over time, ich have learned to get back on track faster when i relapse.
    You should see these relapses as learning experiences, to better understand yourself and the cravings you get and find ways to deal with them.
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    Yep that’s pretty much intermitten fapping which is going to fuck us up worse quicker! After the initial huge rush, you are gonna want more, so you keep doing it again and again and again. Better stop now than regret later!
    Stay strong friends!
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