Day 36 Felling Unamused,Anxiety and Dizziness

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by stayHard, May 12, 2020.

  1. stayHard

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    today i had completed 36 days of but there are several problems still exists could you please help me out.
    1. Dead dick.
    2. No Morning Wood (no random erection).
    3. No wet dreams.
    4. Felling tired and sleepy all day.
    5. Felling unhappy.

    i am trying hard these days but when i woke up in morning felling all days tired lazy i don't know why i become so much lazy, i know these are flatline symptoms but as others log they show after one month you get morning wood erection quality increase but in my case still not found any cure symptoms i know it takes time to heal all the damages things what i had done in my past.
    i just wanted to know how should i cure my all Anxiety what i created in my brain regarding porn.

    What i Got in these days i now i don't have any urges to watch porn that is amazing but still what i am going through now a days is not productive having no interest at all even now a days work from home what task i got from office i could not concentrate to do that task, all i just wanted to get sleep but this is not a solution.

    * Before Quit Porn when i Masturbation i ejaculate with in a minute with porn if i without porn i not get erection how should i know that my Pied is cured, how should i know i am healing properly.

    Friends please help me out from this.
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  2. I hate it_I love it

    I hate it_I love it Fapstronaut

    I'm on day 36 too! Let's keep on fighting.
    Btw can you tell me what pied is?
  3. stayHard

    stayHard Fapstronaut

    Pied - without porn you are unable to sustain erection , when you fap without porn and unable to get erection. You always need porn to maintai erection.
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  4. TheRetainer

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    Day 40 here.

    I’ve had all the above symptoms and just feeling awful generally from day 20 to now. I’m starting to see a few positive signs.

    i got my first two spontaneous erections in last two days. And mood was a little improved.

    Your in a flatline. It’s normal. Be patient. Your mood will improve as you start to get a few erections.
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  5. stayHard

    stayHard Fapstronaut

    Thanks for reply man I'll hope everything gonna be alright
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