Do Masturbation Has Health Problems ???

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  1. Our so called Science says , it does affect body in any terms. How is it even possible??
    Because The one who masturbate frequently know how much it affects the energy in body and confidence on their body.
    My experience says it decreases body gains and weight
    And energy as well.
    What does your experience say?
    Does it adversely affect your body ???
    I want to know
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    it produces a sense of painful topor and tireness, may affect the hair(less body hair) and always produce a horrible odour.
    Anyways, masturbation is bad for the Soul and for the Mind(the world of ideas),and thats way worse than any body disease?
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    Well! I'm not a scientist so I can't give some facts based on research!
    But I can share my personal experience,
    I used to have some kind of inactiveness in my behavior and mind, but after quitting masturbation I'm currently feeling like my brain is reactivating, it took me 7 days to feel like that after quitting masturbation,
    So I can say from my personal experience, yes there is a chance of getting psychological problems if you high frequently masturbate.
    Hope this helps!
  4. Not only inactiveness , but after masturbating, we consider ourselves to not do any work specially physical work. And when we do it. ,we find a lot of tiredness in the body

    This is my assumption or prediction whatever you say. Science has not reached that level to give a proper knowledge about masturbation
    Recently ,some researches have been prove wrong of previous scientists about sperms and all.

    Till now, we can say that it affect in multiple ways.
    Thanks for replying
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    I have found some dots regarding the connection between the brain functioning and reserving reproductive fluid in humans.
    Dot 1 -> In ayurveda the spinal chord is the trunk connecting the reproduction system and brain (Flower) and with nutrients reserved the flower blossoms (Metaphorically stated the brain functions properly when reproductive fluid reserved)
    Dot 2 -> In modern research it is revealed that the reproductive fluid contains the nutrients that helps in well functioning of brain and its development
    Dot 3-> There is a something called kundalini yoga which is related to unlocking the potentials of something called chakras in human body from human reproductive system to brain which activates many aspects in human beings
    Dot 4-> It takes around 64 days to produce quality reproductive fluid in human body

    This is quite interesting but unfortunately I couldn't able to find valid resources to establish connection between these dots.
    Anyways! I'm just sharing these facts to say that there is some relation between the well being of humans and reserving the reproductive fluid.
    Let the time reveal the truth behind everything.
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    Yes. If you masturbate frequently, your kidney is not function well, and your face is swollen.
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