I’m don’t usually reach out, but your support would help a lot .

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    I quit pmo for 11 days and I relapsed one week ago exactly. My head was in the right place and I started to really feel the benefits again.

    From there, I binged for a few more days, until Sunday April 25th. I happened to get really sick (maybe just a seasonal cough) and that helped force me out of my binge.

    I don’t know why though, if it was the lingering brain fog, or just some ‘self induced’ anxiety from thinking about it, but I’ve been really anxious and unable to think straight.

    at first, I didn’t know what to think. The first day I quit again, Monday April 26th, I felt benefits like the relief feeling after quitting pmo for a little while. It felt great, then I felt like shit again.

    fast forward to now, and I still have this anxiety. I relapsed today unfortunately. (Even before relapse and especially after)

    I thought it was flatline but clearly i would like it’s unlikely (seeing how I still fapped).

    The anxiety feeling I feel is just a feeling in my core and stomach, I can’t describe it.

    I think it’s because of the brain fog I’ve been feeling.

    All I know is that I need to get my fucking life together. I know what I need to do to do it. I just need to stay away from pmo. Just. Don’t. Pmo. That’s it.

    I was almost healed before about 10 months ago, being able to easily pull off minimum streaks of 25-40 days.

    I slipped, but I didn’t fall. now I’m on to my goals. It’s just that this anxiety is concerning me, cause of the brain fog.

    has anyone had this?

    Or any insight?
  2. I have brain fog and the more days that I stay away from PMO I start clearing up
  3. Don't have anxiety. It is your brain torturing you to give it the dopamine hit.
    keep away from your screen for some days. We are in it together. Just hold on.
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    Can you identify what this anxiety is about or is it just free-floating? I know that use porn as a way to escape things that are bothering me. When I'm anxious I react by fapping. If I'm anxious and I resist fapping, I stay anxious -- maybe feel a bit worse. But if I can identify what's really bothering me and address, I can feel better pretty quickly.

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