I need help for a friend of mine. and advice

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    Goodmorning from the netherlands, I my self don't have this problem, but me and a buddy of mine think our best friend has a 'sissy' if that's how you call it problem. And I'm in kinda need of some help. To explain we thought he was just doing drugs and found gay porn on his phone like 4 years ago, we joked about it and it never came back up. But now the drugs and isolation is getting worse, my buddy one day enters his home when he was in the store andwanted to put some music on the playstation. When he found a shit load of 'sissy porn ' ? And gay porn again and this is just weeks ago. His girlfriend left him because he hit her a few times doing drugs, and that was 3 weeks ago. But right now he's of the hook. Ripping apart his house his moms house doing drugs, won't open the door any more and smasing everything into pieces even the cops were there yesterday and the daybefore. It's so bad I don't even sleep at night thinking about him being so miserable. He doesn't know I and my buddy know this about sissy, but his ex says, she found pictures of him in her cloths en underwere send to other man.

    I need help how to talk to him, how can I help him? What do I need to do.

    We think he stays inside cause he's afraid his ex will tell everyone about the gay porn sissy pic stuff.
  2. The drugs and violence really complicate this one. Not that I'd have any great ideas anyhow.
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