Ideas for newly found free time.

Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by LivingInAJar, Nov 25, 2018.

  1. LivingInAJar

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    New Fapstronaut here. I am currently unemployed but that's about to change. However, even during the times I've been employed I have always found time to PM. I know that I roughly spend at least 2-3 hours a day committed to looking at Porn and PMO. I know that during my reboot, I should be opening up free time (I'm also quitting social media like Twitter/Facebook as well) that would usually be spent on those activities. So my question is, what have you guys found has really helped you fill in those voids where you would usually fill with PMO or other toxic behaviors?
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  2. lamstronger

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    Spend that free time doing something active: walking/joggning, working out, kepeing yourself busy and away from the internet.
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  3. Marcelo48

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    Gym, gym and gym. If you're not going to the gym you're doing it wrong.

    And after the gym if you still have free time try out new things: Ballroom Dancing, Martial Arts, Musical Instruments, Hiking, Sports in general, Painting.... The options are limitless :D
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  4. lolos

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    Read and gym
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  5. Exercise e.g. walking/biking. Meditation. Reading. Hard crossword puzzles. Learning something new like how to cook.
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  6. 19conquer

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    There's always something better to do than m! :) That's the greatest thing about NoFap. Once you quit the habit, you have just opened a world that was closed off to you that is: EXTRA TIME. Truth is, you probably already know what you can do with your new found time. Organize your life, sleep more, create, exercise, socialize, learn, serve others, spend a little extra time on your appearance. There's so much it's virtually limitless. The great thing is you get to decide :)
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  7. nickskingg

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    Meditation, exercise, eating, reading a book and even playing a video game if you have to (although I don't recommend doing this often).
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