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    Ive been heard by several motivational speakers in various mediums like book, youtube, audio books e.t.c..

    But one thing is common among all of them.. everyone is suggesting people to set an appropirate goal.. yes that overall sounds good..

    but my question is, is that creating any limit or barrier for us to reach more heights..


    If i set a goal regarding i want to learn cooking in next 1 year.

    Why should i limit myself to cooking, i can also learn painting alongside with cooking..

    so why am i force myself to persist over particular goal "DEADLINE" for manifesting my desires and/or motive?
  2. I see where you are coming from. I think you need to look at genuine and measurable goals as a means of focus, not as a means of limitation. When you create or reach a goal, you have every right to create a new goal that exceeds the one you've just finished (which is the general idea of goals after all).

    Try looking at goals as a means of accountability.

    Example: I will produce 500 of my own photographs by the end of the year on December 20th!

    This goal doesn't limit you, but rather it gives you something to fight for, or even something you can break down!

    Example: To produce 500 of my own photographs by December 20th, I should create 42 Photographs a month!

    If you are seeing goals as limitations to other things, then perhaps the goal you are creating is too ambitious, or not ambitious enough and thus you have a lot of extra time to do the other things you mention. Besides, we can have as many goals as we want, as often as we want, and at any time.

    Your goals could be "I want to learn cooking" AND "I want to learn painting". I would just advise that you break those goals down into measurable and doable parts, and instead make the smaller parts of the big picture goals as well. Use goals to measure, not to limit!

    Without setting up a goal and giving us accountability, it may be harder to obtain what we say that we want. It becomes easy to drift and become lazy without setting yourself up with something to measure to get where you want to be.
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