Is PMO addiction the worst addiction nowadays?

Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by Powerous, Jan 12, 2018.

  1. Powerous

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    Could PMO addiction be the worst addiction especially nowadays?

    Because most people now especially kids that grew up with internet are so easily addicted to porn.
    The younger you get addicted the harder it is to break, I am proof I have watched porn since 8, but I got addicted when I was 12 when my family first got internet. Now I am 22 and I have been addicted for 10 years!!!
    And it seems to be getting harder and harder to quit.

    Some research and sources compare PMO addiction to crack cocaine addiction, some even say its even worse.

    I mean PMO is so easy to access and do, you have free unlimited videos on porn sites with extreme categories, easy to access click of a button new video more dopamine more boost, Can jerk off anytime at the comfort of your own home.
    Porn addiction itself is bad but with masturation and orgasm it takes a whole new level, you are wasting all your energy everytime. Plus the sheer number of people addicted to pmo, all my friends, my teen bros, cousins, literally every guy I have known well enough struggle with PMO addiction. One estimate was like 90% of men aged 13-40 with internet access have struggled with PMO addiction to at least watch porn few times a week.
    No surprise since more than 35% of the internet is porn traffic, or porn related searches and that the overall global Porn and Sex industry is over $100billion.

    The withdrawals can be really tough too especially for long term addicts like me, I went through withdrawals couple times and it was hell for couple months, extreme depression, suicidal thoughts, headache, insomnia, nervousness, no appetite, fatigue, just like any hardcore drugs withdrawal.

    But unlike porn crack cocaine, heroine, you have to have money and someone you know that sells it to get your fix, if you don't have money you cant access it. PMO is easily accessible 247.

    I have smoked cigarettes and drank before never got addicted, smoked so much weed and I may have been addicted but it was so easy too quit.

    But PMO its like I have been addicted ever since I can remember, it is one of those addictions where it slowly sucks every living cell out of your body and mind in a gentle way that once you realise its a problem its already wayyy too late and it seems like there is no way out of this vicious cycle.
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  2. LilD

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    Depends on your definition of "bad". Chemical addictions have highest fatality rates, and also I think it's much worse to smoke some kind of synthetic crap which makes you insane (literally) in a few months. On the other hand, addiction to caffeine is not a big deal for most people.

    There are lots of pros and cons, it's hard to compare.

    My question is why? Do I want to pity myself because I have this disease? Do I want some attention so that other people pity me? Or do I want real help?
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  3. As far as the worse addiction, I'd say that would go to either pills or heroin. With PMO addiction, it's an extremely hard habit to break, but when you're rebooting it would be more of a psychological withdrawal, depression, anxiety, etc. With pills and especially heroin, if you're withdrawing you're gonna feel worse than death. That shit is fucked up man. The main problem with porn, at least in my opinion, is the fact that it's never been common knowledge that it's very addicting, at least it wasn't when I was younger. It's even been looked at as a very common thing among teens. I mean, we all watch porn at some point, but not all of us will get into shooting heroin hahaha. When I was a teen and I was PMOing, I never thought of it as something addictive. All of my friends watched porn, so I didn't see it as something bad. You're right about the availability of porn man. It's just so easy to find. You don't have to go out and get it. You just sit in your fucking room and you can access it there. That's why it's so hard to quit, at least for me. The Internet is nothing but fucking porn. Also, I don't care what anyone says, weed is addicting. Only because it's so fucking awesome.
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  4. Vulkan

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    I feel depression, headache for hours daily, then when the headache fades still brainfog, severe insomnia, almost no appetite, persistent fatigue.
    Hope it get´s better soon.
    At least we have a good chance to get out of this and reverse much of the damage, other addictions may fuck you up so badly, that your body/mind is destroyed and you have no realistic chance getting out.

    I would say it is one of the really bad addictions, but not one of the worst.
    For me it was easy for example to quit smoking, drinking or gambling, but quitting porn seems to be more difficult.
  5. PMO is nowhere near the worst addiction you can have.
  6. dataraam

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    yes it is...even you use your valuable time for PMO...
  7. Hurted

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    maybe it isnt the worst , but maybe its the addiction more common than other, because whoever whit internet or tv can see it , even the the children!! , i remenber that my first time when i saw porn was at 10 years, then for that moment i didnt like it but when i was 12 my addiction get started , since that moment until 2 months ago , and now i need really leave this because now i dislike porn , im bored with this , i dont like sex and nothing about it, and my mind its dirty its horrible, and feels some effects of hocd... no for all , but really was sick, well , i am sick yet
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  8. Drxdre

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    One of the things that makes porn so scary is how.... seemingly harmless it is. The first time you try heroine or cocaine could well be your last. Daily weed smoking will have you coughing your lungs out after a few years.

    First time you watch porn as a kid, it’s... exciting and new and it doesnt kill you. For a lot of us it was the most girl/boy you saw for years to come. And like above was mentioned, especially if you started like in the 56k internet days, you also caught on the tech revolution. Now we are all older and cant even get it off our phones!!!

    And problems that arise, sure they arent medically as acute as from the hard class A drugs. its very gradual, and you get destroyed as a person and your life passes in grey colors before your eyes.

    Most of us can get away with watchin porn for our whole lives, something not every drug can boast about.
    But does anyone of us want to lie in our own deathbed and look back at that bleak life and all the months and months of wasted opportunities.

    Lets live! And be whatever we were supposed to be! And save everyone here and everyone else who we can save, friends, family and future generations!
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  9. Hurted

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    the problem is that the damage is already done , and we have the hope of have a second chance, but this time will be not the perfect sexual heatlh, all of us we wish have been advice about this when we were young , like they advice us about drugs and other things
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  10. learning

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    Alcohol seemed worse for me, but it probably depends on the person. I have always had a lower libido, so the PMO addiction was limited by that. Other people have much more sex drive and it is probably a lot worse for them.
  11. Like gambling addiction, it will fuck up your life. Unlike alcohol and illicit drugs it is seldom, if ever, going to threaten life.
  12. Keep going brother, as your energy levels increase, you’ll feel better and more up and alert. Just try to be positive and happy if you can. Keep going, you drained a lot from your body now it takes time to recover all that stuff, especially when you were a heavy user. May I recommend to maybe take some herbs? Ginseng and ashwagandha helped me, also maca and tongkat ali. But only if you can handle the urges. From here on out, consider never returning to P again, but take it a day at a time. You have to keep going, one relapse takes a lot of time to recover, then you have the initial recovery time you had before you relapsed, so yeah, don’t give up and don’t give in, one day at a time
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  13. Vulkan

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    Thanks for the advice, I have some ginseng here and will try it, could also try maca.

    I can´t force myself to be happy, but I try to think positively, even though many evil things happen in this world and I don´t feel good now - nofap gives me hope for myself to be healed.

    I feel I really could have the discipline never to turn back to porn again, but I feel I have to make this endless streak now, or it will be more difficult each time I disappoint myself.
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  14. Do you meditate?

    Also, don’t look at it in th the long term, just look at short term so you don’t get overwhelmed, it’s mental but it’s subtle but can be used against you. Just take it a day at a time. I used to be addicted to weed and cigarettes, I used to count the days, now I don’t anymore. I’m thinking all addictions work like this. So take it a day at a time. Never peek, edge, test yourself in anyway, do not entertain a thought. If it feels good, then it’s probabky wrong. Be very strict and never give an inch, with all these in mind, you can go far. Urges may come but they usually com when you begin fantasizing, s be aware of your thoughts and don’t let them get to the second step, by this I mean as soon as you notice it, dismiss it. This is what I mean by not entertaining it. Be calm and divert your minds focus into something else. If you do these strictly, there shouldn’t be too much fighting, so you can save your energy to fight the harder fights
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  15. Vulkan

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    I don´t meditate, never learned about it, what is the benefit?

    For now every day without PM is a success for me, but as you stated, the ultimate goal is, to finally let it behind and when there is no need anymore to count days.

    I guess getting rid of harmful fantasies will be the hardest part.
  16. Meditate is very good for you. Helps depression, anxiety, brainfog etc. basically most of the symptoms you are feeling. It won’t get rid of it, but it will help alleviate it a little and it’ll bleed into other aspects of your life. Trust it’s really good, it helps you in nofap too by defending against temptation

    Yeah, that’s how I do it too, one day at a time brother and yeah, you should stop fantasizing, it’s not good to be in your head like that. That’s porn warping and perverting your mind. Don’t indulge in those thoughts
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  17. Nasagy

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    The worst part about porn addiction is that many people don't know they addicted and I believe there are more porn addicts in the world than any other type of addiction. I think looking at it from this angle, porn would have to be worse than most other addiction. This is only the beginning, believe me, the younger generation now has access to huge screen smartphones which I didn't have in the past, instead, we had small brick phones with slow internet, I'm 21 btw. They say the high rates of crime being committed including rape is connected to porn, 98% of prisoners watch porn. The future doesn't look very bright, more awareness needs to be raised on the harmful effects of porn.
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  18. Onehope

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    I think all addictions ruin your life to some extent, while other addictions kill your soul and purpose. Ive seen crack or meth addicts, they look 30 years older, and they sell their bodies on the streets just to get another hit.

    All addictions are bad, but there will always be worse ones.
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  19. racecar123

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    I think that PMO is one of the most dangerous since it's hard to see the repercussions of it in today's world. I think like many addictions like drugs, initially(when it was first new and people picked it up) it seems harmless since there is no research or scary consequences of doing the addiction. Like years ago for smoking, nobody even thought it could give you cancer. The same thing is happening now for PMO due to it's industry growth and easy accessibility due to the internet. O is also essential to human life, so it's not like anybody questions whether it's good or bad, we just tell ourselves "oh how can it be bad when it's necessary and a part of life?" The danger lies in the variety and extremity which exists and the lack of interaction because of it.

    More and more research is being done on PMO and in the future this will turn into national campaigns on promoting the consequences of PMO and why it should be stopped. The ball is just getting rolling and our shared experiences will be apart of what fuels the safety and sanity of future generations.

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