I've failed in more ways than I thought I could have

Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by ForABetterLife20, Apr 30, 2018.

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    I skipped a class to pmo today. I've had a pmo-filled weekend. It hasn't been beneficial to me, my studies, my friends, or anything else in my life. But I keep doing it!

    I haven't had this many resets in a week's span in over 18 months. I need to find something to kickstart me back into a good, healthy reboot.

    This being said, I am putting myself out here to try and find an AP. don't care who you are, I want and need to beat this but I can't do it alone.
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    hey ! first of all don't beat your self up , I think you should start to focus on what you want! what i mean by that is that you need to start pursue your goals in life, let your mind flow and reacognize really what you want! and start to pursue it now! you see i think you are putting all your energy in NOFAP so you are feed the idea of fapping of beacuse that is what you see in your mind and your mind control everything! when you start focus on really what you want and pursue your dreams you stop struggle about STOP what you don't want and it becomes so much easier beacuse you are no longer putting your energy on fapping off.
    start to do what you love and i gureente you will be happy for the rest of your life!
    P.M me if you want me to send you suggestions on books that you can read that can help you achive your dreams and become the best version of yourself

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