Meditate don't Masturbate my new Mantra: Mindfulnesss and Focused Being

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    so while I am on Day zero still, my musings on mindfulness and the power of PMO to distract, self-sooth, self-numb.
    At the core of every one of our PMO practices no matter how diverse, perverse, frequent or just strange is the drive to distract ourselves: distraction from whatever it is that drives each one of us as individuals to push the dopamine button. We all have that in common irrespective of the triggers and drivers.

    I am a confirmed atheist but over the past few years have become increasingly convinced of the power of meditation and mindfulness. The tradition has been around for thousands of years and pre-dates almost all more modern religions, though it in itself is not a religion but a philosophy.

    My distractions, my obsessions, my addiction increasingly come from my cognitive dissonance: my busyness or busy mess. As a race we are becoming more and more overstimulated, over reactive, over sharing, over busy.

    I am going to embark on even more mindfulness, more being and not doing.

    Today I am reading The Attention Revolution by Alan Wallace. I have decided to take time out from work, from life and from the hum-drum to invest in my own improvement. To take action beyond abstinence, to reward myself with nourishing improvement in the place of putrefying self-indulgence.
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