Most NoFap benefits are lies and hoaxes. The truth about NoFap is ...

Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by AlexKrt, Jun 17, 2017.

  1. TimeToQuitNow

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    A key? like the keys to success?
    (Am I right?)

    You're avatar has a bunch of keys. That's what it made me think of :p
  2. Vilcox

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    I don't see human beings.

    I see keys.
  3. TimeToQuitNow

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    What do they open?
  4. Vilcox

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    Those which are interesting helps me open doors to things which can further my ambitions.
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  5. FindingAName

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    Delete his thread. It's making me and I'm sure a lot of other nofap peers quit nofap because of this thread. Your ruining so many people's lives with this thread. Delete it vile person
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    SCIPIED Fapstronaut

    okey. i was on nofap and untill 60 days it was wonderful, i was disciplined, happy, confident and so on.. but after that something happened. It didn't seem to work anymore, I coudn't see those benefits because nothing new would happen, you get used to stuff and the routine kills you eventually, on the day 83 I gave up
  7. meatsandwich

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    I find this thread as massive excuse, as he didn't have courage and he relapsed in the same week and gave up on the PMO.
    A lot of people pointed out that PMO makes you less courages when it comes to social interactions, I can agree massively and you can be
    ''disciplined'' and yet your whole life gonna be miserable if you can't quit addiction and be like :''I have a house and car! I work hard even when I feel unhappy and a lot of time is consumed by my addiction!''

    All about PMO is that your brain produces more ''happiness hormones'' which is over 200% of natural levels and the things that you do in your life
    doesn't give you anymore satisfaction and if you rewire brain and have courage to go trough all and not give up.
    Simple things that before didn't give joy, as for example doing the task at job faster and more efficient, will give higher joy and you will be already more successful.
  8. Lol another expert with 0 days.
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  9. jorg78

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    You got in a flatline, that's why.

    I think that most people who quit, quits way to early. If you abuse your system for a long time (several years), why do you think it's going to take 3 months to heal? If you are healed/cured in 3 months, then you are lucky as hell. If you are unlucky, it can take up to 2 years to recover.

    Even if I'm in a flatline, I have achieved some amazing things in 7 months on my NoFap streak. The benefits are real and NoFap is working, if you hang in there.
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  10. Shapirous

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    SCIPIED Fapstronaut

    Thank you so much that you shared your own experience! it really helps to know:)
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  12. Fakekondi

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  13. I disagree.

    There are so many benefits of NoFap. Just because you don't get them, doesn't mean they don't exist.

    I get benefits in less than a week.

    And if your saying it increases discipline, then think about the benefits that go hand in hand with discipline. Increased self esteem and confidence. Happier. More motivation and energy. More attractive to women. Goal achievement.

    And the benefits don't end there.
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  14. Blossom

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    Effects of testosterone :

    - Increased sex drive
    - Improved mood
    - Improved confidence
    - Improved memory function
    - Increased strength
    - Increased endurance

    end of the story.
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  15. houndie

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    Before reading this thread I agreed with op 99% - though I wouldn't go quite as far as far as to blame other fapstronauts on spouting lies and hoaxes. Try to have some solidarity with the others.

    It's as if PMO has a discipline- or willpower-sapping effect. If you abstain from it, you remove the wall that lets you say "no" to the bad or say "yes" to the good.

    Most of the benefits people have listed here have been the benefits of the discipline that you can finally realize.

    But after reading the thread, I think there are different stages of pmo-addiction and to the not-too-addicted person (no problems with PIED, for instance, or shifting sexual preferences induced by porn etc), what you're looking for from NoFap is removing the discipline-inhibitor.
    That's where I'm at as well.

    There are others here for whom porn-addiction might be much worse, thus the effects of nofap are much more drastic.
  16. engelman

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    Discipline means nothing when you don't have clear goals in your life or really enjoy more doing other things. I'm not more disciplined now that when I was PMOing x5 times every day. But I'm happier now and enjoy learning new things about different topics every day.

    It is commonly said "curiosity killed the cat", in my case ..."curiosity killed the (need for) PMO". Now I'm more curious about life, the world, etc. than ever.

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