Most NoFap benefits are lies and hoaxes. The truth about NoFap is ...

Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by AlexKrt, Jun 17, 2017.

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    That it gives you only one benefit, which is pretty much one of the most important aspects of one's personality .


    It sounds simple ,but it is one of the most difficult arts to master. Discipline is an art that requires knowledge, skill, sensitivity, and self-confidence. Like any art, it is one that you will acquire through training and experience .

    Ever wondered why you refused to help your mother with grocery shopping for example? Ever wondered why you didn't take your dog for a walk for almost a week? Ever wondered why you are constantly saying : " Nah I won't study today , tommorow is a day too" , but tommorow becomes a week , a week becomes a month , a month becomes a year and finally a year becomes never and you end up giving up?

    The answer is plain and simple. You entered the extreme comfort zone and you lack of discipline. You still rely on your parents , you accept and love the fact that you have whatever you want in front of you without deserving it.

    You don't have money to go out with your friends? Naah I don't need to work , I have my parents' allowance every week into my pocket.

    You don't have a girlfriend to have sex with? Naah who needs one. With just typing a certain websitte, I can pleasure my self without interacting with girls in real life.

    Fortunately for you , you can escape the comfort zone like I did and walk the magic path of discipline and success. Realise that you will suffer, but sh*t guys believe it.. IT'S WORTH HELL A LOT.

    I was addicted to the comfort zone and like most of the people. Discipline was out of my mind and my vocaburarly.

    I've came to realise that I must change when I noticed two friends of mine who stem from third world countries in Africa.

    Their story is very moving . They came to Greece for a better future . And of course their dream came true. Why?

    Because they were EXTEMELYYY DISCIPLINED. From their childhood , they were in SURVIVAL MODE . We take breakfast , lunch and dinner for granted. For them it was a battle of life to find and eat food.

    They came to Greece through lifeboats and they were caught lots of times by the coast guard and sent back to their countries. In the end , they managed to arrive successfully at Greece. You can imagine their success story now I guess.I don't have to say anymore.

    Their whole life was full of burdens that threaten their life. Poverty , dehydration , starvation .. you name it...!

    Learning foreign languages and studying for exams seemed so easy to them. Most of these stuff like working , studying for 7-8 hours per day , cleaning your apartment , doing favours , helping relatives and friends seems like a mountain to deal with for us.

    To them...hahah... I can't describe with words how easy those stuff are..

    So let's get to the point..

    Do these to practise your discipline and escape the comfort zone.

    • Get up from your BED IMMEDIATELY AFTER you wake up

    • Workout hard and don't skip a workout no matter what

    • Stop masturbating
    Do these three and I 100% guarantee that within 3 months your discipline will skyrocket .

    Generally do stuff that you don't like. That's the only way to practise discipline like it or not. I gave this advice to one old friend of mine who lacks hell of a lot discipline and he answered " Life is too short , to battle with yourself". Guess what. After 5 years he is a complete failure and he finally admitted that I was right.

    Remember guys.. Our time on this planet is short , so make it count.
  2. The reasons many individuals feel the reboot process and fail to kick their PMO addiction is that they have external motivation to undergo the reboot process.
    If I am PMO free, girls will be more attracted to me.

    Irregardless, I've learned to have the phrase: PMO is not a part of my ideal self. Internal motivation is key to success and makes the difference between someone who is able to fight urges and a relapse.
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    Great message man, thanks!
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    I'm going to have to disagree here, although I agree that nofap helps you discipline yourself. As someone who pmo'd almost daily for 12 years and has now been almost 8 months without pmo I can attest to the fact that there are countless benefits to nofap.
    More Time
    Less exhaustion
    Increased empathy and ability to connect with people
    Reversal of pied and other sexual dysfunctions
    Fuller erections
    Looking healthier
    More strength in workouts
    Attraction to and from the opposite sex
    Healthier view of women
    Eradication of social anxiety
    Dopamine receptors becoming sensitized to everyday life

    I mean the benefits are honestly endless and I'm realizing more of them everyday, semen retention itself has countless benefits. Not watching porn is the best long term decision in my opinion that you can make for your neural/mental health. If I wasn't at work I could probably triple the length of this list..
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    I disagree... before NoFap I never had morning wood... now it have it + no more social anxiety or looking needy around girls
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  7. Sounds great. Doing efforts is one thing, doing efforts in the right direction maybe something very different. I live in a country in which there were thousands and thousands of men following Adolf Hitler and were very, very disciplined. With incredible discipline they killed millions of innocent people. First we have to become human, then we may become disciplined.
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    PMO definitely have benifits but to really see those you need to go 90 days or more. Yes if you are doing just to attract girls don't do it because if you fail to have one even after 90 days u will feel disheartened. All I can say that do it for you own good and yes one more thing after 90 days it is more likely that you would not even feel the need of having a girlfriend, so my friend be patient and go on. Its just an addiction which makes us vulnerable to have sex with someone and we become ready to do anything to have sex.
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    u just made it clear that nofap doesnt work and im wasting my time, thank you for saving me months of pain
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    Not with that attitude it won't. First off what the original post is saying is flat out false, no offense to him. Second off you're here for a reason, part of you knows you're in the right place and on the right track with it, and another part seems to want an excuse to relapse and beat themselves up later on about not having a solution to their problems. I think I know which one is speaking here. But you gotta want it, it's gonna get worse before it gets better. Read my comment earlier in this post.
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    im acctually smiling as you seem to have caught out exactly what i was doing, good job, damn u cant even lie well on these sites haha {although i am having some bad urges rn}
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  12. Hezeru

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    With PMO:
    -less energy ( and by that I mean far less..)
    -social anxiety (try to masturbate and then go outside, good luck in approaching girls)
    -less interest in world (just want to have coffee and play games)
    -foggy brain (concentration drops after orgasm, you brain get the cocktail of brain chemicals : norepinephrine, serotonin, oxytocin, vasopressin, nitric oxide (NO), and the hormone prolactin, during ejaculation)
    Without PMO:
    -more energy
    -more confidence
    -more work, more hobbies
    -good concentration
    So... I have to disagree :emoji_grimacing:
  13. MindfulAchilles

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    I can't help but notice the many things that have changed with following nofap, but many of them are not simple magic skills that appeared out of the blue, they were parts of me that I engaged as I delved into more and more active recovery. This is why I understand and fully support what the AlexKrt says about discipline. It really lays the ground for everything.

    Approaching people, being honest, intentional, social, as well as organized, managing your time right and sleeping better. All of those are disciplines that nofap encourages. Yes, discipline is necessary, and it does not come unless you work through it to become part of who you are. The decision to join nofap has to come from a sense that you lack the discipline to control and manage your body and its reactions. If there's one huge lesson I have learned from nofap it is exactly that. I didn't believe discipline was attainable. Now I do.

    My work attitude changed, my relationships changed, my speech, my health, my workouts, my sleep quality. But not because I stopped beating my meat. It started there, but these are all results of discipline.

    Place your hopes in what abstaining from PMO "should bring" and when it doesn't magically appear served on a silver plater you'll find yourself sinking deep into self pity and anguish again and fap furiously at how this "doesn't work". Nothing is cheap. Ronaldo, Lebron, Nadal - they're not just magically great at what they do, it all stems from discipline which has affected every part of their life.
  14. This was an awesome inspiring read @AlexKrt! Reminded me of these verse:

    1 Corinthians 9:24-27
    "Do you not know that those who run in a race all run, but only one receives the prize? Run in such a way that you may win. Everyone who competes in the games exercises self-control in all things They then do it to receive a perishable wreath, but we an imperishable. Therefore I run in such a way, as not without aim; I box in such a way, as not beating the air;
    but I discipline my body and make it my slave, so that, after I have preached to others, I myself will not be disqualified."

    After a year of inconsistent streaks and no solid will to really make changes I returned here... and the keys you have listed are the habits I try with all my might to develop daily, amongst others.

    Thank you for sharing :)
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  15. HereAndThere

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    Reducing PMO cessation to a discipline exercise is plain wrong. It does involve self control but its demands and rewards are more than that. And those guys you talk about that have gone through all that hardship dont always succeed. They might develop great survival skills but after they get confronted so sharply with a completely different set of problems their unbalanced personality comes into view. They need to adapt fast to new environment to get over their experience and become fully balanced. Many succeed but not all. I think there is plenty examples of catastrophic failures of these people...
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  16. señor

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    what op illustrates really well here is the correlation vs causation of nofap. did you know that people who floss daily tend to live longer? it's not to say that flossing will make you live longer, but the people who consistently incorporate those little routines tend to have a stronger affinity towards their health than those without such habits. I think there's a similar effect when you kick pmo from your life. will nofap directly lead to the raging cascade of benefits people have eluded to? maybe, but unequivocally the good habits you replace pmo with will benefit you in its own way, and that itself is worth pursuing.
  17. Hezeru

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    life isn't 'bout getting things, finding better job, or having a brand new car every year. Life is about what can you give others. And how the hell can you give them something if you have no social skills because you're fapping all day long. come on. Even with discipline you won't be able to reach people, because discipline is a state of mind, you focus on something, and PMO is just healthy lifestyle, that takes care of your mind, but also body and everything around you.
    The sex thing is the root of all life, that's why it's consuming most of our energy. Doesn't matter if it's a sexual act or masturbation. Recovery from single orgasm takes up to 2 weeks. So it should be at least that period of time between watching porn or masturbation. At least! Because if you're not in a relationship and your life is going down and you have been masturbating three times per week since 10 years, that means you have to take longer brake to get back on the track. :)
  18. Thanks. A good statement.
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  19. Another good statement. Thanks.
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    The idea of semen retention is not new. It goes back thousands of years. It is not a new concept. Multiple philosophies promote learning to have sex without ejaculating. Saving your sexual energy for other purposes. When you masturbate, all that energy is wasted.

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