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    Hello friends, today i decided to join NoFap forum because i totally agree with it. I wouldn't say anything if i didn't experienced myself. First i want to say i had a streak of about 110 days, then i released and i am ashamed myself. I released because a girl invited me to her house and i was like if it lasts 5 minutes it will be stupid so i released without porn. The next day i was weak and i released with porn and that i said yo myself no more! Now from April 28. im on NoFap till children.

    What i think about NoFap?

    I think you need to be hell mind strong, this can't do everybody, ONLY REAL MAN CAN DO THIS. Its the best thing a man can have its just overpower.

    What did i experience?

    1. I have so much energy and i stay longer awake.
    2. I enjoy the little things.
    3. Gym became easier/got stronger also i can go 3days in a row (chest-triceps, biceps-back and legs shoulder) i workout abs everyday.
    4. I'm more positive.
    5. VERY IMPORTANT: I'm more productive, i started learning new things, i work more and i don't just talk i make action!
    6. Girl became too easy for me, if i want one i get it.
    7. Started reading books. My suggestion read Bible or Quran, its just mind-opening and very useful.
    8. I don't get sick any more (flu or whatever)
    9. Penis got longer ( I'm doing penis exercises for 3 months now but maybe its because of NoFap also idk)
    10. I have no fear, I am becoming dominant between my friends, around girls i am the one who talks and one who they like to listen to.
    11. Girls started crazy chasing me and they like me more.
    12. Confidence in everything.
    13. Easy learning new things, got more focus!
    14. I had problems with wet-dreams they became very often but now i can control even that during sleep :)

    All that for 80-90 days and i believe it also effected the 110 days before.


    I'm turning 20 soon and I wish I started this earlier, but it's never too late. TRY THIS OUT IT FREAKING WORKS. It's not a selling product or something like that, it's just you and your mind strength. I am one who likes to be tested in strength so i challenge you to try this for 1 month ! No Porn no masturbation no instagram hot girls and most important no release ( wet dreams don't count ). If you can't do it then i prefer start from small things ( go train, join gym or a course, get daily tasks, do COLD SHOWERS, ready books and then try the ultimate NoFap.

    For the ones who are on NoFap i respect you all i know how much hard this is but only the strongest can to this. I will be more active here because here are no bullshit people.

    If you think i can help you about something contact me!
    Good luck brothers!
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