Need some advice please Depression, Anxiety attacks Day 76 first time trying nofap

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    My goal is to go as long as I can without PMO. The depression was lasting for 2 hourse especially in the evening before going to bed and it's like a roallercoaster coming and going , doesn't last more than a day but the toughts during my depression period were really negative. I do read, do push-ups and cold showers. I'm not sure about a relationship yet as I have got things that I have to get done and I think a relationship at this time will slow me down but on the other side I would like to have one but in the last year I've been raising my standards for women as I was together with a extremely maniac damaged women for a year , two years ago and now I am looking for good qualities in women and looking to spot the read flags if there are any and also I am not the type of guy that is a social butterfly.

    My goal is to completly reebot so I can be myself from a mentally point of view.
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    Ride the wave man. You know that porn isnt gonna make u feel better anyway. Just make sure you exercise a LOT (i am going to the gym 4 times a week and cycling 40 miles a week), sleep A LOT (7-9 Hours a night) and socialise. If you do these things with a job you wont have much free time and if you do you will be too tired to even bother fapping. Its much easier to exercise or cook a good meal than it is to sit on the PC and 'resist' your urges. For the depression i would see a specialist. Honestly just peeking at porn is a relapse, so although you didnt actually orgasm its still a relapse. You need to cut out porn for good. That means pornstars on instagram, twitter, Snapchat, youtube whatever. It would probably be more beneficial to still masturbate occasionally and cut out porn completely. Ultimately it is PORN that causes the problem not sexual release. Otherwise sex would be banned on nofap.

    At the end of the day you need to ask yourself why are you quitting porn. If youre not making yourself busy with work exercise and socialising, there is ultimately no reason for you to give it up unless it is a significant problem in your life. You use porn for some underlying reason and until that is tackled quitting porn will be almost like self harm. Quit looking at porn completely and throw yourself into life, and soon enough you should be questioning why you ever needed it in the first place.
    Also, get rid of social media.
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    I do have a job , I work 12 hours shift. I keep myself busy, the depression phase passed. I have to work with socializing , I do socialize but I think that what I need is to socialize with strangers more, making new connections. At this point today I am feeling very proud of myself even if I did mistakes like edging a few times for 1 or 2 minutes or seeing some facebook pictures. This journey is a lifestyle and I very happy that I came across on nofap on youtube. This is my 80th day without watching a porn movie or relapsing and I want to go more and more. Porn is a disease that stole 12 years of my life and I don't want to go back to it. Self discipline and will power is what I have gain from this experience. Now I am focused on self-improvement which is exactly what I need so I can better myself and become the best version of myself.

    I appreciate your advice. Thank you!
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    [QUOTE = "1 Tes. 4: 3, post: 1999409, member: 286295"] Saya perhatikan dalam goresan panjang bahwa saya mendapatkan perasaan yang serupa. Seolah-olah saya berkata, "Dan hanya itu yang terjadi?" dan merasa sedih, tetapi kemudian setelah kambuh, saya merasa jauh lebih buruk dan akhirnya berpikir "sungguh saya tidak menghargainya ketika saya bebas". Mungkin itulah yang terjadi. [/ QUOTE]

    exactly as I feel, I experienced that many times
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