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    So this is it. New attempt to try become free. I started during collage and ended up addicted while being lonely. Now it’s like my brain needs it from time to time. Or else I feel forced to do it - when I feel bad. It can be because of stress, loneliness, sadness and also boredom. I’m a female which also makes it all so ugly for me. I was always disgusted of sex and porn as young. It was a tabu because of my religious family and environment. I think this all actually made it even worse. Doing it in secret - made me feel better for the moment. While my family was actually falling apart. I want to end this, because soon I will start my own family. I’m happy I found this webpage. Maybe I can find support and strength. Thank you for reading and I hope that your journey is going well.
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    Have you ever tried to quit before, or is this your first time? The encouragement I can give is the more often you try, the better you'll be at quitting porn & masturbation. Don't worry about resetting the counter, try again and I'm sure you'll come out stronger than the previous attempt.

    My best previous attempt was 21 days. I felt ashamed after doing the deed and tried again from last month, now I'm at 24 days and I feeI like there is less temptation to watch porn or masturbate. Don't get discouraged even if it's your first time trying to quit. I'd advise you to pray for strength as well since you're a fellow Christian
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