(New guy!) Thought this was humbug, but now I feel hopeful and motivated

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    Hi, everyone!

    Been on here a few days but figured I should introduce myself -

    I'm a 28 year old from Sweden currently on the last semester of University styding social work, aspiring to be a therapist. In my spare time I write music and enjoy being creative, but the will comes and goes - which is part of what I'm currently trying to work with.

    I've suffered from anxiety most of my life, and in my adult life it's taken it's toll on my sexlife but mainly my relationships. I've sought help for it, and while I have developed ways to handle the anxiety (no near perfectly), my problems with lust and ED remains. To further explain my current state of mind, and where I am in the process I'll use an an excerpt from my last journal entry.

    "The more I read up on this movement I actually feel hope. I've been experiencing ED with most partners I've had a serious go with, and since I started seriously confronting it (about 3 years ago) I have always tracked it back to my anxiety - as in, the anxiety "blocks" the erection or lust - but I've never seriously drawn the connection to PMO. The more I read I relate to things like how others share they haven't felt "as aroused as they ought to be" with partners (In my case, someone I love and think is gourgeous), and the urge to PMO after sex or even instead of."

    This realization has made me determined that I need to rid myself of PMO, or in any case P - and honestly, I feel hope. I would never think this will be easy as I've used P since an early age, but first now I realize this is likely a huge part of my problem.

    I'm very grateful to have found this place.

    I'd love to interact with any of you, and please feel free to respond and/or track/comment my journal:

    Bonhomme's Journal


    / Bonhomme
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  2. Joining this community is great decision! Good luck with healing your ED, we're here for you!
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    Thanks a lot, Dane!
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