No PMO for a year! So much has changed (photo comparison)

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    The following is translated from china’s anti-filth article:

    First, delete all the filthy material on your phone and computer! Leave no thoughts about “It was so hard to find, I’ll keep it and not look at it”. None of that, delete it all!

    Those who can internalize this article will have a easier time quitting porn.

    It was 2014 august that I accidentally ran into Jiese forms(Chinese counterpart of NoFap forums) I was dumbfounded! It was the first time in my life that I’ve heard of such a thing! I thought that was my blessing, although I didn’t completely understand, I will continue to study and raise my awareness! Never give up!

    My first realization is that in order to quit porn, we must enrich our lives! I feel this is very important. Why? I’m going to talk about my own experience; I masturbated the most in highschool, everything was laid back, we got off school at 6pm. I had lots of time, so as soon as I got back home I would masturbate like crazy. Contrastingly, during make up season, the school is very strict, school lasted from morning to 11Pm, I barely PMO’d for the entire year. Unfortunately, after I went to college, I had so much free time that I picked up the evil habit of masturbation again! As you can see, the importance of the enrichment of life.

    Second, we must cut out all suggestive material! Some people watch suggestive content while trying to quit PMO! The result will always be failure! Why? Because one absorb filthy content and saturate one’s mind with suggestive material. As one accepts such negativity and hype their bodies up for a relapse failure in eminent.

    Third, we must respect our parents! Regarding this issue, I suggest looking at bai shui teacher’s lecture.

    Fourth, we must help other people quit PMO. There once was a saying; “give another a rose, the fragrance will linger in our hands”. Therefore helping others will be beneficial to oneself.

    Below I will talk about my first year after college graduation.

    A few days ago I went back for a alumni meeting, I met many classmates, and I saw so many people change. I can say it’s phenomenal. Some were left back, some are still going to school, Some went to grad school, some got married, some became a manager and some started selling fruits!

    Why is it in college everyone is the same? But now everything has changed? I had a long conversation with the student who sold fruit. I asked him; why did you sell fruits after graduation? He said; I didn’t study well, so I didn’t get my diploma. I used most of my time playing video games, and watching porn! Eventually, my brain power decreased and I refused to learn. I can’t find a job so I can only sell fruits! So much regret!”. After that I spoke to the guy who got left back one year. He was still playing video games as I spoke to him! I asked him how was everything, he said there’s no hope, he’s about to drop out. Good heavens! Five year college, all gone to waste! Later one I found out that he had lots of porn on his computer!! It’s the PMO demon taking control! This student is 5’5 and 119lb, after running a few laps he said he about to pass out. Why is he so weak?! During college he always puts his computer on his bed and watch porn while jerking off...four fucking years!! Now he is skin and bones, he does not look like a human. He looks decadent and gremlin like...Porn is a major issue with young people these days.

    Look at these photos, people say I became muscular, I have to thank Nofap for losing alot of body fat! Of course a little exercise is needed. If it wasn’t for NoFap, I would be weak and fat.

    If you want a healthy body, you must abstain from PMO! It is a must!! Otherwise one’s health will surely deteriorate. All your hard earned money will be given to the hospital. Many people ask me is that the same person in the picture?! You changed so much! In only a year, I felt so much has changed!

    Again, I must reiterate, one must enrich their lives...why? Because think about those winners, which of them are leisurely? None! They are always determined to work on their goals, improving themselves. On the other hand, those who are addicted to PMO spend the majority of time on porn and masturbation, as well as gaming. In the end, they accomplish nothing!

    As I said before one must delete all the filthy material on your phone and computer! Leave no thoughts about how good it is, leave no room for the evil to hide! Delete it all!

    Another tip is to not go on the internet so much. Learn self discipline. THe internet is a double edged sword. In regards to quitting masturbation, the internet does more harm than good! I had the silly thought to play video games to help me quit PMO. What a joke?! I ended up having gaming addiction as well as porn addiction! Therefore I recommend cut down the time in front of the computer. We must realize that the internet is saturated with filthy material! Even if we delete all bookmarks and downloaded filth, as are bound to run into something again if we remain addicted to to the internet.

    Moreover, get into the habit of waking up earlier. Before I used to wake up at 9 am, AND I WAS THE EARLIEST TO RISE! How pathetic. Now I wake up before 6am even on the weekends. All of a sudden I feel like I added three more hours of life to my day. In the meantime I feel energized. As you can see the benefits of waking up early. One will more likely to relapse when procrastinating in bed during morning. Especially having morning erections dirty thoughts will arise as one dwindle in bed. So get up early and get out of bed as soon as one wake up!

    I also suggest looking at teachings from great thinkers and saints to cleanse our minds. Read more good books. Charge our minds with great wisdom and knowledge!

    We must also respect and care for our parents. This is the foundation of quitting PMO, it is also a foundation of being a decent human being. During the year of rebooting, I do all the household work for instance cleaning the dishes, sweeping and vacuuming. I won’t argue with my parents, and make them happy as much as I can. Remember such teaching from saints and great thinkers, that respecting parents is a must. Those who do not respect their parents are losers! The great saying goes; all compassions derives from respect to parents, all evil comes from lust and debacuery. Our enemy is the lust, the seed of all evil. Our most powerful weapons is our respect for our parents, so we can defeat the temptation demon.

    It is helpful to have a faith to god or buddha. Most of the world religions encourage people to have a kind heart and a peaceful mind. Most want to spread love and compassion. I hope our atheist friends will understand. Having a faith will strengthen our determination in rebooting, giving us wisdom and strength.

    Very important to have belief in oneself! Many brothers quit after rebooting for a few months due to not seeing immediate results. It’s such a shame! Water will not boil at 99 degrees but will boil once its at 100. As if the silver dragon roam the sea. Remember that hope is always there! As long as we persevere!

    We must also exercise our bodies every day. Afterall the human body craves labor, but keep in mind the intensity. Those who love to exercise will replenish their energy faster therefore enjoying a speedier recovery.

    Cutting down meat consumption will help our hormones balance out. Eat more vegetables. To replenish kidney qi, it helps to eat black beans with vinegar and sesame seeds. Such a recipe will help those brothers recover from hair loss. If one eat less meat, desire will subside, and it will alleviate the workload of the kidneys. Because meat is protein, the kidneys will have to work quite hard to filter the toxins. To recover health, hold off on jinsen or supplements.

    Important! One must understand the nature of evil debauchery. As one watch porn one will have a temporary high, but if you cut the power and stare at the black screen, nothing will remain. Lemme ask, where is the joy? Therefore, keep rebooting! Indulgence will lead to health depletion and emptiness. Do not ever be hesitant to delete filthy material! Leave no strings attached. The owner of the forms once had 150G of porn movies. Now he has deleted all of it.

    Thank you so much for reading!

    I hope everyone can take something away from this

    Please feel free to share it to anyone!


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    I appreciate ur struggle brother. U have done a lot of hard work. I am too on my way to a peaceful and beautiful life. I am on day 45. I am in a flat line from the start of the abstinence and i am facing too much difficulties because of the withdrawal symptoms but i will not lose this time.
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    Thanks for the translation. Brilliant post!
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    Thank you so much for the positive feedback! even if it can help only one person I will translate it. More articles are on the way!!
  5. I like the article! Thank you for posting!
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    Thank you :D my favorites are from JieSe forum. Chinese people go in much detail when they write a post. + the before and after pictures
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    Thank you brother it's a such a great post it's inspiration me alot
    Congrats on journey...!!
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    Power of NoFap and Jing Energy
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  9. :emoji_astonished: Just,.......WOW! Inspiring post!
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    Thanks alot man, keep up the good work :)
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    naturehigh you are a MONSTER!! :)

    THANK you for the translations, they are so helpful!!!
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    Nice brother, Asalamalaikum
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    It motivates me to see that my translation has helped you guys!! I hope to bring us some more articles in the future. I respect these Chinese brothers since they can be so vulnerable and share their experience no strings attached.
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    I’m skeptic about traditional Chinese’s answers but reading about other people’s change and specially seeing their before and after pics is really motivating.

    Thank you very much.
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  16. O cant belive that is same person on the photos , amazing change.
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    Keep it up !

    Bookmarked you
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    Thanks for this post. I read all and it is very inspirating.
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    Hey brother thanks for these tips. Would really like to hear more from you
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