NoFap Challenge for a Month

Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by Muhammad Irfan Ayub, Apr 23, 2017.

What isyour progress for today.?

  1. Success

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  2. Touched Yourself

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  3. Noticed any the opposite sex

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  4. Masturbated

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  5. Porn

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  1. Muhammad Irfan Ayub

    Muhammad Irfan Ayub New Fapstronaut

    Here is the deal guys. Its my zero day and now i am here to get more serious to be good.

    What i need u all to do.?
    Follow this thread if you are in. Post your daily progress in this thread.

    What is the Challenge.?

    The challenge is to be good for a whole month no porn no masturbation not even touching yourself not even noticing opposite sex people (guys don't notice or watch girls body at all and same for girls).

    Who ever wins this challenge May God Bless him/her.

    Note: please make a promise while joining in that you'll not lie about anything. post a detailed progress of your day in this thread.

    So who's in for some real challenge.?

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