NOFAP's ELITE Forces ; NO PMO (updated)

Discussion in 'Events & Challenges' started by MONSTER MONK, Mar 3, 2019.

  1. Determinant_20

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    Proud to be a 2nd lieutenant..... waiting eagerly for next promotion @MASTER MONK
  2. MasterPablo

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  3. Varg

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  4. primordial-saiyan

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    day 6 - i had my exam in all honesty I could've done better and I was way too under prepared but I think I did okay alhamdulillah. That has given me a learning curve for my next one on friday that I will need to prepare better. Got to sleep earlier and got to revise hard. Day is free today though, gonna catch up on sleep for a few hours and I may play football depending on if my team isn't too busy. When I wake up if I don't play football, I will study my deen.
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  5. primordial-saiyan

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    and oh yeah not even thinking about PMO so not finding it hard at all, some girl put some weird stuff on her story like ootd but idek her so she's getting deleted.
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  6. komodoro

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    26 days check-in
    I don't really know why, but lately I've been pretty tired. I've got to do my best still in the following two weeks of school, as some pretty important exams are coming up, and then I will get my time to get my batteries fully charged and after that get really disciplined.
  7. J007B

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    Day 7 completed . Having lots of overthinking and facing depression also but one good thing which I have done today is i deleted my Instagram and Facebook as they were my basic and very casual tick's which I have been come through daily ..
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  8. Kratos_GOW

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    Day 13. In one day i will be lieutenant. But i aim to achive the god status and i will get it. Good luck to all warriors.
  9. Hi want to join
    I am at day 0 pls add me.
  10. Hi I wanted to join
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  11. bondong96

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    I would like to join @MASTER MONK. I would be a worker.
  12. Kevin Saputra

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    Day 47: Check!

    Today, I get a wet dream for the first time in many years. This is a sign that NoFap is working. Woohoo, I'm so happy~!
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  13. primordial-saiyan

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    I had a morning wet dream before iftar. 2nd in 2 days whattt. I need to read surahs with meanings not just like a parrot when I sleep I guess. I'm gonna order iftar coz I was supposed to go to the mosque but overslept.
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  14. Kevin Saputra

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    But still, wet dreams are something you cannot control and I believe it is a sign of healthy amount of retained semen.
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  15. primordial-saiyan

    primordial-saiyan Fapstronaut

    you're right there. wasn't expecting it at all :D
  16. primordial-saiyan

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    ooo 1 day left ;)
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  17. primordial-saiyan

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    day 7 - alhamdulillah, feeling stronger than ever but being cautious and learning from other times. Plan for today is just simple revision, will go shops at some time and have iftar at aunty's house which is about 20 minute walk. I laid down fo about an hour and I think I slept but it felt very weak and I was half awake but I'm not tired so I'll power through. Gonna read Qur'an for a while now and probably start revision 11ish insha Allah.
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