Phones and woman/Guy's?

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  1. Hey everyone I have an off topic discussion that is kind rattling my mind lately. Recently there is this woman at work that I find very attractive and she is kind of a bigger woman.. Every so often she changes her hair color and style and I want to give her compliments or something. She has an attractive face and I would date her.....

    But the catch is that whenever I see her off clock she is always on her phone and on breaks/lunch it looks like she's texting someone. I have a real pet peeve with woman who are on there phone's like it's crack or something. I'm not sure if shes even worth it to try talking to or anything. But I'm just wondering..

    What do you think about guys'/woman who are always on their phones? Is it attractive or just rude? Are they worth asking out if they'll just be on their phone at dinner?

    I saw this a while ago when I was out at dinner with my parents. This couple was next to us and the girl was constantly on her phone and the guy never pulled his out during the dinner date..
  2. I relate the SHIT out of this. You describe it so well, it's like the real world is of no concern to them.

    If you like this girl, do what you gotta do. I'd say, better be safe and ask her out than be sorry you didn't. If phones become an issue in the relationship, you should tell your girl how you feel about it. I would never date someone who is constantly on their device like it's half their life. If they refuse to put that shit down, I'm out.
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  3. Neither

    I think you're overreacting and pre-judging this woman. Just because she's on her phone a lot on break or at lunch at work, doesn't mean she's on her phone all the time. Using your phone while eating lunch during work is not at all the same as using your phone at dinner while you're on a date.

    Also, if she's texting, maybe she's talking to her boyfriend, or someone else she loves, while she has the time on her break. How is that a bad thing? Should she just sit there silently instead of using that time to talk to someone with her phone? I don't see why that's a bad thing. I think you're overreacting a little and being too judgmental, personally.
  4. Yeah, I forgot to mention you might be overthinking this. But you never know until you do it, so just yolo this shit and go for what you want to achieve.
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