PMO Addiction and OCD

Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by Powerous, Jul 28, 2017.

  1. Powerous

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    Does anyone else think that severe and long-term PMO addiction can induce OCD or make the current OCD much worse.

    Ever since childhood I had some symptoms of OCD like keeping things in symmetry, when things weren't straight, neat or perfect it will bug me out (obsessive) and only way to relieve the anxiety was to correct it (compulsion). And checking things constantly more than once, it was mild but I still had the urges.

    Since I have been fully addicted to PMO I would say since aged 13, my OCD symptoms have gradually gotten worse. It's like a ritual with PMO now,
    I relapse after good streak > Feel shame and guilt > Ritually wash myself till I'm 'perfectly' clean > Pray that I will never relapse again > end up relapsing again > feel more guilt and so on and the cycle just continues.

    OCD thoughts
    come rushing in my head, intrusive thoughts constantly repeating in my mind after bad streaks, thoughts of worrying, thoughts of uncleanliness, thoughts of not good enough, thoughts of something bad will happen etc. It's hard to let go of these thoughts and just ''move on'' like people tell me especially when you have years of PMO addiction with all that cycle of shame, guilt, depression, renewed hope, ''never again'', then back to square one.

    I read somewhere that PMO mimics OCD like symptoms due to the constant damage to frontal lobe, reduced grey matter in brain, decreased number of dopamine, serotonin receptors.

    Anyone else relate to this?
    Have you had or still have OCD? Did the PMO addiction make it worse?
    Any advice?

    Thank You
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  2. Agoodguy

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    I have OCD and doing PMO definitely increased my OCD symptoms. I have intrusive thoughts, compulsive hand washing, obsession with numbers, checking things and repeating things... When I became addicted to PMO in 2014, the symptoms got worse, so I would definitely say that it impacts on OCD symptoms. The symptoms are better than they are when they were I was PMO, so quitting does help. I read somewhere else on this site that just changing our lifestyle is good enough to help with beating OCD. Eating healthier, exercising, reading... I hope this helped.
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  3. Powerous

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    thanks for your reply, It's good to know that there are others with OCD and PMO addiction and how it correlates. OCD can be a real pain at times, I am still battling it alongside PMO addiction. I remember last year when I was on a 50+ day streak the intrusive obsessive thoughts diminished, they had no effect on me, maybe this was part due to the intense energy and focus I had within me or maybe my ocd is more pmo related. Either way the doubts, obsessions, fears, checking things again and again those thoughts and feelings of anxiety were almost non-existent.

    Stay strong brother, Overcoming PMO addiction heals you from within and opens many doors for you. God bless.
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  4. Agoodguy

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    You're welcome bro. It's good to know that for me also.
    It could be both the focus and OCD being more pmo related. My OCD are now slowly getting better. I guess that when I pmo'd supressed the thoughts so that I when I finally quit, they were hard to control at the outset. However as time goes on, they should become easier to control.
    Same to you bro. Our best days are ahead of us.
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  6. Supermarron

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    Its not that masturbating is bad for you, its just that sex is a biological imperative. Everything you do is ultimately to get fucked. So if you’re jerking it all the time your body is in ‘I’m getting it all the time, might as well not even try’ mode that's why depression and OCD and anxiety will worsen with PMO
  7. Reclaimer

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    Interesting that there's ppl with similair experiences. This does give me hope again.
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  8. Hopeforlife

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    Hello evrybody ,
    this is my story ,

    i used to Pmo since 13 YO , was PMOing even 4 times day , i tryed to stop but i couldn't evry time i go back to PMO ,

    when i had 19 YO i was sobber for 20 days
    but suddenly a HOCD thoughst appeard and
    and i had extream anxeity about it for weeks , i never thoughts about Withrawals so i went to psychologist after 4 months suffring from HOCD that time i did not recongnize what is happning and i was just masturbating ,
    so the psychologist doctor gave me medicines and diagnosed me with OCD ( knowing that i did not talk about PMO with hime )
    after weeks of antidepressants i felt good and i went back to PMO and i statted gaining weight a lot ! after that doctor start reducing medicines and i start having other thems of OCD + HOCD ,
    days after days and still suffring for 5 years after that from OCD and PMOING at same time a things going made , ( depression anxiety , brain fog , lack of motivation ... )

    i came across NOFAP and i anderstood that i might be misdiagnosed and that days when hocd poped up was only withrawals ,

    today is 141 Days of nofap , and things got worse , ocd quardupaled , depression as hell no motivations , horrible thoughts and im waiting to see light at the end of the tunnel

    NB : i was a heavy PMOer , min 3 times a day

    plllzz help me if im in the right direction .
  9. Reclaimer

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    Hey man. I understand what you're going through. I never got as far as 140 days, so I can't say say 100% whether your experience is due to withdrawal.

    But it's good that you quit porn, but I suggest it's okay to masturbate (No porn or images) from time to time, like once every 1-2 weeks. It helps take the pressure off.

    But don't throw everything into Nofap mate. It's good that you stay off porn, because it makes things worse if you still did PMO.

    However, your depression and anxiety could be related to lots of factors. Take the time to focus on your diet; eat lots of healthy fats and proteins. Get rid of carbohydrates, stay away from soft drinks and junk food. Take protein shakes if you don't always feel like eating. Also, see if eating something helps when you start to feel anxious (try protein, also try sugar). It might be blood-sugar related.

    Do you excercise? You'd be shocked what impact it can have on your health and wellbeing. Lifing weights in the gym 4 times a week helped me tremendously, coupled with a better diet (meat, chicken, rice, etc). Or try kickboxing. Excercise also boosts testesterone, which reduces stress and makes you feel more manly and confident. Don't mistake excercise as doing a few push ups in your room, that's not excercise. Get a gym subscription and drag your ass to the gym as often as you can. And make sure you eat well when you do.

    Go try some supplements and stick to them. I suggest L-tyrosine, GABA, L-lysine and L-arginine since they are effective against stress and anxiety. Zinc and magnesium are helpful too.

    And stay away from drugs.

    Right now your brain chemistry is just fucked and in need for repair. Do the research, go shopping, buy what u need and stick to it for 2 weeks. See what happens. Then report back to this thread.
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  10. Thanks dude!
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  11. Reclaimer

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    Got your gym subscription yet? And the the supplements I recommended? I was sceptical at first when I tried it but I'm quite surprised.
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  12. Powerous

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    Because OCD is obsessive compulsive disorder, repeatedly thinking things, or compulsively and repeatedly doing the same action over and over and over, it is like hell at times.
    All these symptoms are OCD and medical profession confirms it
  13. futuremd

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    This is a very interesting read. Stay strong brother.
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  14. bken

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    OCD and eating disorders (anorexia) are what I would call 'early' mental symptoms of a beginning pmo addiction that is escalating. This is all down to overstimulation of the sympathetic nervous system, and an associated decrease in vital neurotransmitters like serotonin and their receptors in nerve cells. It's further worsened by dopamine overload inflaming nervous tissue.
    'Later' mental symptoms of an existing pmo addiction are typically severe depression and or anxiety disorders.
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    Thank You!
  16. Powerous

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    That is true.

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