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  1. (This is my first day here). I'm on my 6th or 7th day without porn and about an hour or 2 w/out masturbating but excluding porn, masturbating was one way of relieving depressing. Luckily I'm not as addicted as I once was yet I have a short story as to why I'm addicted.

    Feb of 2018 I was cheated on by my gf simply because living an hour away is too far away for her to have a relationship for her + she is a very insecure person. In June of that year due to that stress & depression my Epilepsy got worse next in July I got fired without notice for being Disabled. So that there helped made my Epilepsy worse. Then in Feb in 2019 I somehow get diagnosed with Kidney Stones and later in August my only friend who gets me out of my house since I can't drive due to my Disability moves to Florida (live in Maryland), I'm stuck in my house 24/7. And since July 2018 I've been Unemployed.

    With that Short Summary that increased my addiction.
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  2. Hi pal .Your situation seems serious and you need to change it immediately. Remember that real change starts first with our thoughts and thankfulness to the Creator . Otherwise everything is pointless. You are strong and you can do it . Have faith and trust yourself . We must win over our bad habbits .
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  3. I have other alternatives to relieve stress such as Music, Movies, Gaming, Anime yet since I'm disabled and can't get away from where I live I've become very Apathetic. I don't know if the picture I uploaded shows you where I live. I just lost everything in 2018 and lost what I had left in 2019. Within the past two weeks I decreased a lot it hasn't been till recently that I kept a track record.

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