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  1. Now let's be honest, I'm just some guy on the internet to anyone who reads this, but I want to share this idea for those who truly want to reach their goals in life. We all know that life is so much more than trying to beat an addiction. I think it would be sad if we let that part of life consume literally everything.

    So here's a few steps to set your goals and to actually take ACTION (according to me):

    1.) Write down somewhere what you truly want out of life. I think most of us probably have a good idea of what we want when we are being as honest and open as possible with ourselves.

    2.) Write down long term goals that align with what you want in life. Want a family? Your goal could be "Have a family of my own." Etc.

    2.) Identify roadblocks on the way to those long term goals. Writing these down will help you visualize what the path to your dreams is going to be like, and to remember to keep things realistic and to expect that difficulties will come.

    3.) Write a list of good habits you need to develop and bad habits you need to eliminate and work on them to combat roadblocks you may encounter.

    4.) Write important milestones for yourself on the way to your long term goals.

    5.) Write small steps to reach each of your milestones.

    6.) Keep a daily checklist on your phone of things to do and set reminders for yourself to accomplish tasks. Or, keep a physical small paper checklist in your pocket and check things off as you go. I'm using like a mini composition notebook.

    7.) Most of all, remember that good things and bad things happen in life. Every good thing is meant to be embraced, and every bad thing is meant to teach you a lesson. So hold onto the lessons of life and apply them.

    "You are the one that possesses the key to your being. You carry the passport to your own happiness."
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    That there is the hard part.
  3. I feel you. Look deep within! It's there inside of you somewhere ;) Good luck!

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