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    Okay dear ex-fappers here is a willing commando trying to recover from his ED probably caused by PMO. Today I’m extremely freaked out on my day 12 of NoFap. Let me put this from the very beginning today I woke up with an regular morning wood realized someone has woken up earlier than me anyways I did some sexting and risky edgy game with my poker face on. I didn’t ejeculate but leaked some precum... and bam. Aching in my groin can’t even touch my mad balls everything is in slow-mo *sighs* went to the bathroom tried pee and slightly ended up with a few gas blows... When I swiped something appears to be semen came out and the scent made me sure it was semen or idk... Please enlighten me on this it’s been about an hour and my blue balls seems to be chill right now but my mind keeps digging, did I relapse? Should I go see a doc? Am I at some early stage of a risky cancer? Or is it the end of my life? By the way hate googling anything about NoFap always ending up in misguiding stuff please if anyone knows about what’s happening I’d be much appreciated.

    Good luck fighting with the filth fam
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    If you haven't already done so, please read the "Getting Started Guide" available on this site's home page. It includes a lot of information that you will find helpful as you start your journey of healing. Also have a look at the "Glossary" on the top of this page for definitions of abbreviations and terms that may be new to you.

    And about "edging" :

    Edging is not consistent with a noPMO journey of healing. Besides that, edging is really bad news for your body and your mind. I've posted this before, but here goes:

    Short version: DO NOT EDGE ! EVER !

    Edging is really bad. Edging trains your body and mind to expect and to need prolonged, often very intense, stimulation in order to reach O. That level of mental and physical stimulation doesn't happen with PIV relations. Guess what: when you attempt PIV, your body and mind don't receive the kind of stimulation it needs to O, instead your body responds with PIED and DE. Not good.

    Edging does NOTHING good, so stop. Easier said than done, but it is certainly NOT impossible and very much worth every bit of effort required to stop this damaging activity.

    For more information about edging, have a look at:


    One day at a time is how we all succeed.

    One day at a time is how we all succeed.