Risking Rejection is Worth It

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    There will be people in life who will reject you.⁠
    You won't like it.⁠
    You'll feel hurt or embarrassed or angry.⁠
    It's ok.⁠
    It's natural and healthy to feel this way.⁠
    But it's worth it to risk the rejection anyway.⁠
    Risking "not being liked" is necessary to have the life you'll want.⁠
    It's necessary if you're going to meet new friends.⁠
    It's necessary if you're going to write or draw or teach.⁠
    It's necessary for true intimacy in any relationship.⁠
    It's necessary if you're going to offer to help someone else.⁠
    It's necessary if you're going to share your opinion, your work or yourself in some way.⁠
    The alternative to risking rejection is to hide.⁠
    To not offer yourself to others in the way you are wired to offer yourself.⁠
    To not offer your help or work in the way you desire to.⁠
    To never truly connect in your relationships.⁠
    To not create to the level you are capable of creating.⁠
    This will create a different kind of pain.⁠
    A pain that is deeper and longer lasting.⁠
    A loneliness.⁠
    A stagnation.⁠
    A pain that is more what I would call suffering.⁠
    Let's not suffer.⁠
    Let's just risk the rejection instead.

    Taken from Jody Moore's Instagram. Her podcast is pretty good.
  2. Thanks for sharing, its almost poetic.

    I took a chance with a girl recently and got rejected. It took a couple weeks maybe to shake it off. I am happy I did. Now I know where we stand. I still want to be friends with her but now I am free to look elsewhere for someone that is a better fit.
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    I really needed this. Its my biggest fear to be rejected by a guy, but hopefully I'll get the courage to ask someone out one day and even if I do get rejected, at least I tried.
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    Brilliant and truthful !

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