Should I quit marijuana?

Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by Foxhole, Apr 24, 2018.

  1. Foxhole

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    Hi guys. I know it was here just few hours ago, but this is a very sensitive for me, so i want to give it a proper space.
    I guess the top of mind answer is just quit and if i feel so vulnerable and insecure about it, it may be sign of addiction. But lets dig deeper.

    What does the weed mean for me? I am very open-minded about psychedelics (well maybe weed is not technically psychedelic i dont know) in general, but i have huge respect and use it very carefuly. Besides cannabis i tried mushrooms and ecstasy only couple of times.
    I m aware of risks of addiction and posibility of developing mental disease so i am very moderate at it.
    For me, marijuana is rarely social drug. I enjoy it more alone somewhere outside in nature and it helps me think deeper about my life it makes me more creative (i know its i false creativity, but i can find some stuff interesting even when sober). So in general i believe it has some benefits for me.
    But there are two major drawbacks:
    1) its still a drug and i feel i cant stop easily. Plus it have some social stigma (or i should say some of people close to me dont approve it)
    2) it used to be huge trigger for PMO for me and it turn on some very specific fetishes of mine. However i didnt use since im pmo free, but i believe i can successfully fight those urges if i really try.

    And last thing to consider. I know it is a cliche, but i have this one really under control. I smoke no more than once a month (its rule of mine) and if there's some exception i want to use it more often like music festival i have no problem abstain for two month to enjoy two joints the next month.
    I even stop using for half of year with no bigger problems.
    But still i dont want to quit for good. Im kinda weed enthusiast and advocate (you know health benefits for some diseases on one side and freedom to do whaatever you want with your body on the other side i believe its genuinely good thing if use right) but i know there can be some drawbacks for me.
    So should i quit in order to keep away from all possible addictions? What you guys think?
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  2. googilybear

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    First, Be careful what you wish for when it comes to experimenting psychedelics because it may have warped your mind even without you knowing it. True friends will tell you what's going on with you.
    second, I think marijuana is a great way to get connected to yourself. I use marijuana to be creative just as yourself because you'll never know if a great idea might appear out of nowhere. However, like you said, it's practically a "gateway" drug. If that happens, double check yourself. Have someone make an "accountability track" on you whenever you smoke weed. Let that person know first before you take a hit and let the person determine if you're being using too much or not . This a good way to take care of yourself if you are ever scared of being addicted.
    third, this problem wouldn't have even existed if you didn't smoke weed in the first place. So let that sink in...

    But to sum it all up, I think you're just being paranoid dude.
  3. Buddhabro

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    Up until a few days ago, I smoked marijuana almost daily for the past 20 plus years.
    I enjoyed it and it helped me, but I have been punished for it. Until recently I’ve never felt smoking marijuana was bad for me.
    I still wish I could smoke, and indulge my desire to watch porn and masturbate, but even those things don’t work to make me feel better anymore.
    I’m beyond sad and depressed about this and many other things.
    So what I say to you is to enjoy what makes you happy and helps you to enjoy life. Unless it’s causing you problems, otherwise live and enjoy yourself.
    I wish I could. :-(
  4. Foxhole

    Foxhole Fapstronaut

    :D this made me laugh. Okay, thank you very much for feedback. Maybe i try too hard to solve all issues at once.
  5. Dr_prof

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    I wouldnt smoke Cannabis - seen two guys become psychotic and jump in front of trains from using it.
  6. VeganRights

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    I use marijuana and tobacco now without smoking it, just making a tea out of it, feels a lot cleaner that way, i think the harm is mainly because of smoking.. just my 2cts :)
  7. Phoenix Rising

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    Shrooms and extacy are both hard drugs. As you quit one addiction, another addiction will rise to take its place. As you quit porn, your drug habit will probably start to get worse, or something else will take it's place. It is only through the process of quitting one addiction and observing yourself as you move to another that you will find release. Quit porn and all drugs entirely, and you will be doing yourself a big favor.
  8. Considering all drawbacks that you can get from smoking weed (you're aware of them, deducing from what you say), it's better to stop. It's a drug that deals with your brain, so why should you take the risk? I also agree that as a PA there's a higher risk for you to move into another addiction.
    Personally, I don't like the attitude where one believes that they can do whatever they want with their body, because that's one of the key elements that keep me addicted.
    By the way, aren't you more imaginative without taking drugs? I somehow can't believe it.
  9. Foxhole

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    Oh yeah this stuff happen, unfortunately. :/
  10. Foxhole

    Foxhole Fapstronaut

    Does it work? I read THC and CBD dissolve in fats and partly in alcohol and sugar, so how you can brew it in a tea?
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  11. Foxhole

    Foxhole Fapstronaut

    You're probably right. People don't need drugs. I just like to experiment with it. And i went 2 months without a single puff, quit porn month ago and i don't feel any incontrolable urge to get high. Im torn :(
  12. Foxhole

    Foxhole Fapstronaut

    Well in short - I like how it deals with my brain :D I used to smoke regularly in some period in my life and i just didn't like it. The more i use it the less it affacts me and in the end it only makes my tired and lazy. But when i started to use occasionally everything went back to normal. I take to puffs and it blows me away. So im decided not to use on regular basis. But i know it's a junkie talk :D
    Am I more imaginative without drugs? I don't know. But when i high i have greater need to create something (partly because my influenced brain starts to think im genius) and even if it's mostly a garbage there are some good stuff...
  13. So, if you know all this, then maybe... try quitting for real?
    There's an unwritten rule among artists, which says that you should write down anything you create. Sometimes it's rubbish, sometimes it's great.
  14. VeganRights

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    Thats what they say, yes :) i just experimented with eating plain weed, and i get effect from it. Im not advocating anyone should use anything, however i think smoking anything is the least good, cuz lungs are not meant for that.
  15. Foxhole

    Foxhole Fapstronaut

    So. You use it. How you deal with PA and MJ and possible MJ addiction? How it works for you?
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  16. VeganRights

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    Well.. i see mj and tobacco as plants/herbs, which maybe could be used (medicinally) or could be abused. I abused these things a long time... now am much more moderate in use.. and yeah, smoking anything, whether tobacco or tea leaves or whatever, is bad, because of the damage smoke does to the lungs.
    So im not suggesting you should use MJ or not, views differ, and its a personal choice/decision. However, in my opinion, smoking is always bad, so just eating it or making a tea out of it seems to reduce that harm.
    PA or pmo in my idea is just (almost) always bad, if there is no love and no partner involved, so im staying away from pmo altogether! Im single, but if i get a girlfriend again, i would still try to not ejaculate all the time, seems like a waste of very potent energy.
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  17. lolos

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    If you are doing it once a month should be fine bro. Seems like it is something you really enjoy. AS long as it isn't affecting pmo or any other shit, or your usage starts to get out of hand I reckon your sweet.
  18. DonaldShow

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  19. SemenTank

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    With weed it's strange. I'd like to do it once in a fucking long while, when I'm tired from everything, but I know I will want more and more. Thing with weed is - it makes you fucking sleepy. Like sleepy as hell. You're too chill. Well, for me it sucks, cause I want to jump around and explode or chill but with music and coffee. If I have a good friend with whom I can chill, and yes I have, then yes. But weed costs a bit and sinc I work I'm bit stingier and thinking more of real priorities. I mean, it's up to you. From one side - harmless drugs, from another - harmful as fuck. You decide.

    For me weed is 2 things:
    1st thing: Headphones, some Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath's - Planet Caravan or all kinds of 70s music or 60s music. Maybe some 90s joints, 80s don't seem to have that element so much. Watch some strange videos to laugh my ass off and then eat everything. But overall - just chill.
    2nd thing: Friends. Yes, around them it's different. Laugh our asses off, think about stupid stuff or just... Chill. Once in a while it's cool. But it depends on a dealer, yeah, here it's illegal.
  20. ADN85

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    Whenever I see a post titled “Should I quit X”, the answer is always “yes”. You know the drawbacks, life would be easier without it. Life doesnt become worse because you dont get high. Win-win.

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