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  1. How to measure? There are several methods, but the most common for research studies, and the one I go by is to simply lay a ruler across the top of your fully erect penis. Measure the length from your pubis (where it starts), without pushing the ruler in, to the tip. For girth, simply wrap a piece of string around it along the shaft where it is thickest - then measure the string.
    Depending on the study, average length varies from 5.1 inches to about 6 and average girth is 4.8 to 4.9 inches. With such varied data and methods and populations sampled, many put average erect length at 5.5” Just google penis size study and you’ll find quite a few studies have been published.
    Note - if you push the ruler in (aka the bone-press method) depending on how much body fat you have, you’ll be giving yourself an extra half inch or more. But, be honest, how useful is the length of your penis that’s hidden by fat, except to maybe give yourself an inkling of how long it would almost me if you got your body fat down to that of a professional athlete.
    So, that said, if you do go into the weeds looking at penis size studies, make sure to note if the test was bone press or not.
    fYi: mine is 4.5” long (on a good day) and 4.9” girth. Normal girth but short according to virtually any study out there.

    Micropenis is a medical condition, usually defined by an erect length of 2” or less. Sometimes, but less often defined as 3” or less.
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    I see. Good info. Thanks my friend
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  3. Going through some tough times. Holding up well. :cool:

    However … I can easily see my getting screwed over as happening to me because I have a small penis, literally as if I’m getting dominated by those around me because I am a beta male - gotta be mindful of such thoughts or it will lead to triggering fantasies and masturbation relapse.
  4. The struggle continues. I have held up pretty well but recognizing how I have been emotionally abused by two, actually three, of my female coworkers with one of them being a boss and my job being affected by it and at risk.
    Someone pointed out to me how I’m too nice. I am courteous and do the right thing and I expect others to do the same. When they’re mean to me, and abusive, I don’t push back, I turn the other cheek. I continue to treat these women with courtesy and respect. Instead of responding in kind, they abuse me more.
    Mostly, I feel good about holding my head high :)

    But other times I think about my little penis in my pants and what a wimp I am for letting these women treat me this way and making my worklife miserable :oops:
  5. Update: 70 something days without masturbation - only having O’s from sex with my gf (or involuntary). The after sex chasers are ROUGH!! Possibly because I always bring myself to full satisfaction with MO, and after sex I have crazy urges to MO and get that full release.

    For the most part I feel better about myself, less wimpy, less weak.

    And no … my penis hasn’t grown. My balls are generally bigger (more full) but my little ding dong still maxes out at barely 4 1/2 inches :D
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  6. 106 days without masturbation.

    Hanging in there but have had three involuntary O’s that I associate with small penis sensitivity (like a clitoris - nerve endings are more concentrated than in a normal, or large, penis.)
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  7. 116 days without masturbation.

    sometimes when I pee, while sitting (aka pooping), I end up peeing all over my balls because my flaccid is so short. Happened today. It’s embarrassing that I can’t pee without pissing on myself. :oops:

    Anyone else have this issue?
  8. "Please accept that we're not all heterosexual cis-gendered men with "pure" porn addictions." AMEN!
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  9. I am always grateful when someone reaches out to my by PM, but part of me wishes they'd post on here so that more people might benefit from the discussion.

    It's true, I've caught a lot of grief on this site, and on this thread in particular, for being too obsessed with the size of my penis. "Get over it!", I've been told. My thought: if it bothers you so much, get over it, go read a different thread.

    With this being the 470th post in the thread, I can say that there has also been a lot of support from women, from people who identify as trans, and from men - men with little dicks, with average peckers and even from men with big cocks. Thank you!! :)

    It's not easy having a small penis, and it's not just something that I have developed from watching porn. Seeing bigger ones on every guy at summer camp or in the gym is real. Measuring it and seeing statistics that show me as being one half inch to two full inches shorter than average is real. Catching my girlfriend in bed with another man was very real. Having a different girlfriend tell me I'm too small and how she just f*cked a guy with a truly big cock was very real. And, I was just reminded of this - getting a massage from a place that provides "happy endings" and having the woman invite two other women to see it . . . that was also real. :oops:

    Is it any wonder that I am obsessed?? Well, there's more. There's the clear evidence just described, but more insidious is all the wondering about what is not said directly. Why does my girlfriend insist on wearing condoms with me when she tells me she never used them with previous boyfriends? Why did that girl (so many girls) suddenly lose interest just when things were getting good?

    But it's not just sex. I literally have testosterone levels below the normal range. How does that affect the way people see me? Is that why some guys bully me? Is that why I would get picked last in gym class or I seem to work twice as hard as others without getting promoted. When men, or women, are mean to me - do they know somehow?? I have had women tell me they could just sense that I have a small dick. And I've had men treat me like I'm not a threat to their "game" and women tease me like I'm not really a contender.

    Sorry for the rant, but I think it's important to let some readers know that the struggle is real. This isn't just petty self obsession. In some ways, it does feel like my small penis is a reflection of my "manliness" and that is a very real concern when interacting with people in the world.
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  10. 139 days without masturbation.

    struggling. I still get triggered when I imagine that other guys have a bigger penis that me … and most of them do.

    My gf told me about her previous boyfriends, all bad boy types, and almost certainly well hung! :eek:

    I know size isn’t everything. But it’s also not nothing. My ex screwed a MUCH bigger guy and I saw her the next day and she was literally glowing. It was clear in an instant that she’d had better sex with this guy, practically a stranger, than she had ever had during two years of love making with me.

    Was this all in my mind?

    Nope. she told me all about it, how they did it 4 times, without a condom and how his cock was “the size of a baby’s arm”, easily twice the size of mine.

    She told me she’d lied. Her other ex boyfriend was small, but not smaller than me. I had the smallest penis she’d ever been with and after having had sex with three other men, all well hung, she just didn’t think she could ever have pleasure with me. :oops:
  11. Not really small penis triggers at the moment (though I constantly struggle with small penis sensitivity) but I’m really feeling at risk lately. Strong urges and intense waves of arousal.
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    Well I also have a small one (5-6 inch) considering I'm also tall. I also hate the cope of "girth matters more :)" girls/people say considering I got a thin one. Anyways I'm a virgin so doesn't matter that much but has kept me away from looking for sex
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  13. Thank you for sharing and welcome to the Small Penis Club!!

    I am also tall, 6’0”, but mine is 4.5” long when fully erect …
    on a good day ;)
    It’s usually a little shorter than 4.5”

    Mine is average thickness, though. I’m grateful for that.

    I’ll be honest, I’d give up an inch of length before I gave up the girth. I’m glad that you brought that up.

    Have you ever been teased about having a small penis?
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    I'm also 6 flat, thought you were some 5'7 or whatever the avg is which would make it look more proportionate. Yeah my girth is the size of of my thumb roughly so its kind of like saying "height doesnt matter being ripped is" to a short fat person haha. Noone has really seen it erect so no but my flaccid I remember someone lowkey did in school but I didn't take offense since it was a dude and thought it was a pretty gay thing to mention. I'm a grower especially when I pmo regularly so yeah then its "pathetic" or whatever. Also my erections has been weak for some time so its one of the reasons I do nofap and hope I never fractured it or the like

    Sometimes I wonder if it'd be bigger if I hadn't been fapping which is annoying since I can't do anything about it now
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  15. I’m a grower, too. That sounds pretty funny considering how big it gets! :rolleyes:

    But there is a big difference. My flaccid is tiny although it is bigger now that I don’t fap. It feels nice to have more “junk” with fuller balls and a slightly bigger flaccid. :cool:

    I also think the same. Excessive masturbation almost certainly played a part in my having a short penis. That, and my method, since I would squeeze more on the down strokes.
  16. I find it refreshing when people, especially women are clear that there really is such a thing as having a small penis (or a thin one @shrigmamale ). Hearing "size doesn't matter" does nothing for me. I'd much rather hear, "Yes, you do have a small penis. 4 1/2 inches is short." It's shorter than average. It's not a big penis. It's nice to hear a women have the gumption to say that she prefers a bigger penis, or that guys like me might still be boyfriend material . . . if we can accept that we have a small one and can find a way to work around it.

    My current girlfriend, and previous girlfriends, have tried to do certain sexual positions that I literally cannot do. My penis is too short. It falls out. If I had 6 inches, I'd still have 2 inches inside, but with only 1/2 and inch in, my penis falls out.

    And, it is definitely not lost on me - if they're trying to get me to do that position, it means that they have done it with other men. Men with significantly bigger penises, or at least average. :oops:
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    What does this have to do with rebooting?
  18. Umm . . . everything. Considering that I have been cheated on and rejected for my penis size and then turned to porn and masturbation to cope (bad idea, btw!). This is an issue that I am still working on processing, without porn.

    I have hardly looked at porn in the past 2 years and haven't MO'd for 5 months. But I'm still working on some deeply rooted issues.

    How about you? What drew you to this thread and why do you ask what it has to do with rebooting?
  19. This thread has been moved from the Accountability forum to the Recovery forum and now to the Off-Topic forum.

    I’m good with that. Might help to reach more people who have similar struggles or other insight to share. :)

    Thinking about starting a group. If anyone would be interested in that, please reply on this thread or send me a PM.

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