STRONGEST Of The Strongest [WINNER Mindset Only] | Relapse = Out | IN:10 | OUT: 1

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  1. Welcome to this real challenge,
    man or woman!

    TWO simple rules :emoji_point_down:
    1) If you relapse - you are out forever from this challenge. :emoji_x:

    2) No fighting between us. I don´t wanna to battle with someone and beat him. I want the opposit- for everyone to be the winner of his life. :emoji_x:

    If you have interested, sign in. I write you on this list with your current streak you have that day you started this challenge. Please be judicious and do not sign if you are in a relapse circle or do not feel hungry and determined yet. The challenge is for everyone, but sign up if you really want to go for it now, believe in yourself and don't want to waste your time on this addiction over and over again anymore.

    :emoji_lion_face: LIST OF THE LIONS :emoji_lion_face:
    LAST UPDATE: 11. August 2019

    :emoji_thumbsup:STILL IN [10]:
    1. @True_Self - Day 57 start, joined 4. August 2019
    2. @WalkingForward - Day 7 start, joined 4. August 2019
    3. @cikkser - Day 21 start, joined 4. August 2019
    4. @im’possible - Day 3 start, joined 10. August 2019
    5. @my life again - Day 3 start, joined 11. August 2019
    6. @L'empereur - Day 11 start, joined 11. August 2019
    7. @g2stop - Day 3 start, joined 11. August 2019
    8. @fg4795 - Day 103 start, joined 11. August 2019
    9. @Maxym - Day 2 start, joined 12. August 2019
    10. @Mountaingoat123 - Day 1 start, joined 12. August
    :emoji_thumbsdown:OUT [1]:
    1. @Jonathan1997 - Day 6 start, joined 8. August 2019, Day 9 end, deleted account 11. August 2019
    The meaning of this challenge :emoji_lion_face:
    • I want us to be surrounded here only by successful people = constant growth up. The winner mindset. That´s the point.
    • Yes, maybe we will sometimes feel weak - that's why we support others here and motivate others to not give up. (read REMEMBER THIS at the end for better understand of this meaning)
    • I want us to share our success here.
    • I don't want you to report here every day or week.
    • I don't want you spending your precious time here. I want for us to live the real life.
    • Write here as you want. Feel free every week or two. Or report here whenever you have some good message that can motivate and inspire others on their journey. Share what you just did and what you reached. If you want to write a report here, let it make a deeper sense for others and add some good message to it. Share some MUSIC, VIDEO, BOOK, whatever helps you on your way.
    • I don't care how many people will be here. This is a really tough challenge. I myself have overcome a period of constant relapse, but now I want to go forward and move in my life. That is why I get inspiration today to create this tough challenge for the strongest people here and to support each other.
    • You reached your goal (e.g. 30 days, 2 months, a half a year, etc.) - You can reach it again = You can do more = You can double it (btw that´s my rule in my journal and on this actual streak I have).
    • If someone else did it - you can do it too.
    If you wanna support & share this challenge for other winners,
    you can use this signature:

    STRONGEST Of The Strongest [WINNER Mindset Only] | Relapse = Out | STILL IN

    The words at the end:
    As I wrote in rule 1) - If you relapse - You're out.


    Wish a lot of power to all of us! :emoji_muscle:

    We are Nofap. We are Legion. Don´t expect us, because we aren´t cummin.
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  2. WalkingForward

    WalkingForward Fapstronaut

    I'm signing in! Currently at 7 days.
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  3. Welcome on board! I put you on the list of :emoji_lion_face:
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  4. cikkser

    cikkser Fapstronaut

    Count me in! day 21.
    Two days ago i hade the craziest energy i've ever had. best workout ever
    my bench used to be 70 for 5 reps
    didnt train for two weeks.
    then i trained and i thought i would get weaker because i did not train for two weeks but i actually benched 75 for 4 reps.
    Never before have i grunted while benching but this time it was automatic. without even thinking. (really manly grunt)

    and i know these number are nothing special but i am new to training so i am not so hard on myself.
  5. Welcome man

    I also hit the gym (today was a Legday, wooop). Progress really motivates you a lot. Good to hear that you´re getting stronger. Workout is really good for hormones and a better mental state.

    Btw, you are on the list now! :emoji_lion_face:
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  6. WalkingForward

    WalkingForward Fapstronaut

    I also went to the gym today. I did dumbbell bench press, some monkey bar walking and a total of 42 pull ups, spread out over 9 sets. Increasing the amount of sets seems to be working well for me.
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  7. Today I started using Time Management app. No more waste of time. Use every minute to improve yourself - book, podcast, gym, meditation, goals, whatever can move you to the next level. :emoji_point_up:

    If you have something to do every day all the time, you don't have time for bullshits. Remember that.

    Yeah progressive overload is the key. One more rep, set or added weight every workout and we'll see results.

    Stay strong Lions. :emoji_lion_face:
    No weakness.
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  8. i am in to

    i am on day 5
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  9. 2 MONTHS today.
    Next coming. :emoji_punch:

    Welcome here. :emoji_lion_face:
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  10. Always ask yourself, if you have urges:
    Do I want to give up now?
    Do I want to discard all that progress and start from zero again?
    Is it worth the success that lasted so many days, again, destroy for several times, again?
    Do I want to risk that if I lose now that I can get stuck again in a relapse circle, which can be stop for some weeks or even months, maybe years?

    "Whatever it takes
    Cause I love the adrenaline in my veins
    I do whatever it takes
    Cause I love how it feels when I break the chains"
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  11. im’possible

    im’possible Fapstronaut

    Can we have group chat for this? I'm thinking about joining. I'm also looking for APs.
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  12. You mean discord or something like that? If there will be more people interested in it, why not.
    Meanwhile you can share your experience, tips, what works for you etc. here or in the private messages. And if you want, you can join to this challenge of course. Just read the description for more informations.

    Btw great nickname! :emoji_punch:
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  13. im’possible

    im’possible Fapstronaut

    Yeah, I'm in. I'm open for whatsapp. I got some APs there but different timelines. I need people to overcome. That's what I learned so far.

    You guys can check my journal sometimes. I'm putting some thoughts.
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  14. Okay buddy, you´re on the list! :emoji_lion_face:
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  15. my life again

    my life again Fapstronaut

    I'd love to join - had a rough few weeks and reset three days ago after a 33 day streak, need more motivation to continue again. Love the energy in this thread!

    This is honestly the best song to get me fired up
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  16. Glad to hear and welcome here. :emoji_lion_face: Well, good rhyme I must say.

    33 days was good, but you can do much more! Just like all of us. Rise & shine again!

    I recommend you to check Elisha Long on Youtube, great motivation talk!
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  17. Leader of ME

    Leader of ME Fapstronaut

    Eat or be eaten mentality ( relapse out) is what brings me here. @True_Self let`s pack!
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  18. g2stop

    g2stop Fapstronaut

    I am in, on day 2
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  19. Keep that in mind. :emoji_punch:

    Welcome guys! :emoji_lion_face:
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  20. fg4795

    fg4795 Fapstronaut

    Well I needed something new since I was losing focus, count me in
    Will be day 103 in less than an hour :)
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