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Have you beaten your record or improved your average noPMO since joining this?

  1. Yes

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  2. No

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  1. Just focus on abstaining from PMO
    We'll be here for constant motivation and support.
    And I see that you'll be going to touch the mark above 365 days in the future.
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  2. Thanks Sister,I will surely tell you my experience and my steps to abstain from PMO in a few bunch of minutes.
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  3. Anew2019

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  4. Always_moving_forward

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  5. Always_moving_forward

    Always_moving_forward Fapstronaut

    I am on fucking execution hardcore mode [​IMG]
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  6. T0mCrus4der

    T0mCrus4der Fapstronaut

    Checking in..

    Doing fine, even through I grinded so extremely hard on my studies today. Will go to BJJ class soon
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  7. T0mCrus4der

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    Wich day are you on mate?
  8. Skiller

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  9. Sister there are plenty amount of things you should follow
    But you can't follow everything that is mentioned on this dais because of the limited time.
    So pick up a few and focus on them.
    Yes For getting rid of stimulating thoughts you need to have a good peace of mind And for this you need to devote time to Meditation or yoga.
    I love to even chant whilst meditating.
    And memorize God in my mind.*Not meant to proselytize anyone or offend atheists*
    And many more things I will share with you guys in the preceding day.
    Until then bye.
  10. Hardcandy

    Hardcandy Fapstronaut

    50 days milestone. Not to bad :) I hope I will add another 50 and reach the three digit number for the third time. @DekuHope, how are you?
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  11. Hero:HOPE

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    My Journal
    Angry I wasted many free time today which I could have used better! I will do some work now and go to sleep. Tomorrow I will kick ass!
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  12. Hickorydoo

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    Wow! Stay off the net for a few days and people think you're dead..... :D:DHAHAHAHA:D:D Honestly didn't know I even had a competitor. ;)

    Day 20 - still clean & sober.

    I was away from computer two days last week for a training class and then took Friday off to spend time with family. I'm here for a few days and then will be MIA again for about 10 days while we take a well-deserved family vacation.
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  13. Hickorydoo

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    Sorry I was offline a big part of last week. I'm going to be out of the country and probably offline for the next couple of weeks. If I can I'll check-in to see how you're doing. GOOD LUCK! (And I seriously mean it! Hopefully we'll both win! ;))
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  14. L'empereur

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    Just to let everybody who is dueling with me...No matter the circumstances You can't compare to me.
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  15. its day 96...looking forward for next 4 days to be successful to reach 100 days for the first time & hopefully last time...
  16. 2468

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    Just checking in to say I’m still going
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  17. TheGoldenEra

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    Check in day 4 iirc
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  18. Always_moving_forward

    Always_moving_forward Fapstronaut

    Today day 2 and yesterday day 1 haha. I guess I was so angry with myself that I decided to go try hard mode and execute everything
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  19. Jonny1992

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    @Zen guy
    I am about to finish day 7. It is getting hard for me. Urges come and go, strong or weak, but regulary. I am not in the hospital anymore.

    Although flatline and no morning woods.
    No one in sight :emoji_joy:
  20. Always_moving_forward

    Always_moving_forward Fapstronaut

    @TomCrusader I know I had one of my most productive days one day after I relapsed BUT! A realy strong benefit of Nofap I felt on my 10 day streak, was that one that you feel so fucking alive and happy. And now productivity can give me that same amount of happines.

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