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Have you beaten your record or improved your average noPMO since joining this?

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  1. Day 31! Feeling great. I feel really clean and my mood is amazing. I feel a lot more open and confident too. Danced with my crush at winfo last Saturday and now we’re a thing. I’m up to duel with anyone if they’re available. upload_2020-2-13_16-40-3.gif
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  4. @primordial-saiyan Hey the past few days have been a little busy for me as well as I have a deadline on this Saturday. This week has been good so far. Mostly working. Went to yoga on Tuesday night. Let's keep up the fight!
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    Man I am looking forward to our battle against a mighty addiction

    I would like to ask you something: Do you know which "root force" is driving your behaviour?

    There is always a need inside which has not been met.
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    I am here and on the PC, so more structure than the phone .

    Since a lot of people talking restriction on apps and sites. I am no advocate of that, but actually I unintentionally went to YouTube settings and made adult content restricted . I feel great, that way I cannot slip ! First I restricted it in my mind, and actually it helps me with bad energy cause now I don't see rap, I don't see comments on videos . This filter really flushes out almost everything from youtube and still I find what I am really there for. Great content. Now with less distractions .

    With my greatest consent, and humbleness I wanna say I am doing fine against PMO. No urges, but sky rocket libido which can be mistaken for urges by the untrained newbie, but there is THANKFULLY, no desire to open sites, no desire for touching . I whole heartedly don't want those people negative energy in my life . Those low-lives for real . They, actors are some pawns in the matrix with no purpose to there life. For real .

    Fitness wise. Father said I had bulked muscularly . Yesterday went for a run at noon, table tennis at night . My current form of 23:00 pm after all of this was 9 pull ups, 35 dips with no rest between .

    French wise. I put in work, I don't seem so promising, since I do it for some times no, but hmm.. I know how these languages do, once I start speaking it, it is a wrap. I and put in the work .

    Addictions wise. Your boy is not listening to zero mainstream music. Some Naruto related songs, some OST Naruto and producers of beats like Soulker and Gravy Beats . I am not very strict with food lately but it seems that even though I go more dirty, I go more rightfully. Zero desire to go to places where low-lifers go like night clubs, famous bars, but actually more oftenly going to small places I like with close people I like .

    I had a disciple actually. I am a mentor to a boy, spiritually, 2-3 years younger than me . He knows my third eye is opening . For you religion people Christians ( I read the Bible way too often nowadays, systematically ) , Muslims, I barely talk for 20/20 vision ( see things like they are) , intuition and sensing people energy. Yes, I can fully sense your CHAKRA. I can tell all of you, just by a single , short look. I mean how you feel and what are your intentions of me .When I read the whole Holy Bible, I will read the whole Holy Quran. But that is not gonna happen fast, cause I am not so into it. These is just my respect I give to people around the world.

    There will be a lot of meditations . I caught myself meditating while I was driving car. Today is Valentines day, guess what, if a friend didn't tell I would not know. I simple am in that mind state that for me there are no dates, no hours, no days of the week. I fully live in the know and go against all human made. I am going for nature made. For sage mode. It is for real guys . Once you woke you realise you are nature, that we are one, that you have to behave accordingly .

    I am inspired by the Samurais, Stoics, Spartans. And.. My male energy is enormous . Enormous I am telling you. Yesterday while we were playing . I was warrior screaming, I was having such a body language that people around are shaking. Basically those are my too walks, wise men and a bulldog . I either watch nature, stay stoic or I go all in size people up when they look for their problems .

    A lot of these character change is NoFap, this change of ASSERTIVNESS, but even more is Nature. No social media, no trending, no lies, no procrastination, no excuses, no blaming, no victim mentality , no lacking, no empty words. Which reminds me of.. I haven't told one bad word in so long now both in my daily and here . I see my boy @Alex_Al language up there at day 240 or else and it is so triggering, no offence, just analysing, no personally. I find people neutral for real. Really. We are one. You and me. We are nature . But yet. The way we talk, the way we think.

    I pray to continue, cause my higher self( third eye opening, chakras balancing) everything is happening . Even though I am not vegan( that is one of the biggest lies out there, believe it or not ) , even though I am not going for fast etc , etc. But years ago I started using FOOD completely as fuel .

    All of that is not to be arrogant, is to show it is real it is to show that I am happy. It is to share something I know, cause when you know something you got to share it, if not it is a waste . I don't judge people- if they know better, they would do better.

    I don't impose my belief over nobody, be free to feel, think, behave, be whoever you are. That is who you are. That is what matters.

    I go deep though, within' , express it outside . Like a orange, when you squeeze it, juice. When you squeeze me, appreciation for life, detest of death. I am looking above every matter, every issues. We are so small . So laughable . I laugh out every agression towards me and negativity. People squeeze there own juice outside .

    Blessed to have you to share this thoughts with . Thank you for having me . Much love .
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    Naruto ost is amazing bro! I listen to it too!
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    Day 4 check in
    Ran today. Got some work done!
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  11. @cr7da8055 Fight against @bellator de Christi instead. You'll be good opponents! time to win for us all.
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  13. Glad you're working hard too. Let's keep it up! I just checked out housing for next year at uni, it's quite hard for me since I'm not gonna be home for a long time as I have work experience planned and I will only see my family 3 weeks and maybe some weekends until Christmas. Really annoying but have to deal with it and sure it'll be fine. I just need to study this weekend really hard, I wanna wake up early and end the day with gym too. Looking forward to it. Apart from that I just need to tidy my room. I should be making a little money next week too running football.
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  14. Great quote and great to hear such an update. I think you're the most improved fighter since the beginning, I mean that in the best way but with the same as everyone on here, we are still pushing for our goals. May Allah help us all. Ameen.
    Appreciate this brother, when you do I suggest this translation and to listen in context there is a playlist I know; This is for anyone interested.
    This statement reminded me of a good advice about persona I have heard (add to this that 99.9% of our DNA is the same as others so we should really strive and act harder);

    "You have the basic skills, but your eyes give you away.
    Become unpredictable.
    Strike from your subconscious mind.
    Let your moves flow out from your individual essence.
    Even the most masterful opponent will fall from a strike that has no history or reference,

    The moves created from your own individual unique essence may surprise even you."
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    This means I am against only @Alex_Al ?
    Anyway checking for the day.
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    NoFap Defender

    Hey pal, day 242 here... Keep fighting!
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    I will my friend. How do you prefer to check? Everyday? Once a week? Whenever it is possible?.
    And you prefer a simple check or an accountability check?
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  18. Yes brother if that is okay
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    It will be an honor, I am going to duel with the strongest in here :)
  20. Hey, glad to hear that you have kept yourself busy and that a lot of cool and meaningful things are going on. I think when we keep ourselves busy, it's hard to get distracted. This morning I went to a cooking class to learn how to make sushi and some japanese food. Everything is so fresh and delicious! It's one of the best meals I have had in a while. Next week will be a little busy for me at school as well, especially later in the week (just hope to let you know earlier in case I won't be able to check in very often next week). Anyway, let's keep up the fight bro and best wishes to you!
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