The No Screen Challenge

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  1. Have you ever stayed up too late because you sit in front of your computer screen? Or maybe your phone or tv? Do you think your life would be better if you got to bed earlier? Then this challenge may be something for you...

    The challenge is simple: You decide a time when you should stop using any device with a screen, then for 30 days you stop using them before this time.

    It's ok to check your wake up alarm etc but if you are actually using your devices after the decided time you have to reset your counter.

    I'm in! Turning off my stuff at 22:25. Day 0/30.
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  2. leo da king

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    I'm in! Everything is off when dinner is ready :). Day 1
  3. Great challenge, I'm in!

    It would be interesting to see what kind of an effect an early cut off would have. I'm not going to set it too early though, let's say 10pm. Doing that consistently would already be a great improvement.
  4. leo da king

    leo da king Fapstronaut

    10pm is early? :O
  5. No, I don't think it's early (and didn't say that). I could have set it much earlier as I plan on getting regularly up 6am in the morning. I should basically be in sleep at 10pm. However, it's a clear improvement from 1-2am.
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  6. It's wonderful to have you here, you are very welcome!

    I agree with the time, 10pm isn't that early but it is a huge improvement already. I also go up around 6 am. :D
  7. I might have gone a couple of minutes past my limit of 10pm on the first night, I'm not sure. I figured, to get enough sleep, I have to change my limit for a little earlier one. So from here on, I will stop looking at screens by 9pm.
  8. leo da king

    leo da king Fapstronaut

    You should probably get an alarm for the limit, it helps alot :)
  9. Day 1/30 (9pm)

    Screens switched off just in time!

    Just curious, @Force Majeure, did your idea about the challenge have a say on listening to music from a device with a screen (but not looking at it)?
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  10. 9/30, moving my deadline from 22:25 to 22:00

    No, it did not. The reason why I did not mention any music was mostly because I wanted a challenge that addressed the addictive nature of the blue light from screens. I've been up countless of hours in front of my computer, making something productive and useful for some hours, then it becomes late and I think I'm still working but my productivity is like 0%. I'm up just because I was up the minute before... So instead of getting a good sleep I get way too little sleep and my next day is totally messed up. So this was what I wanted to address but if you would like to modify the rules to better suite your needs, like banning music, just go ahead :)
  11. I agree on this and can relate to it. Banning music was not on my mind, either. You described why this challenge is a very useful one to take.

    It's so easy to turn the last few hours of the day (or night) into meaningless waste of time. You're basically refusing to take proper responsibility of your actions. If you are constantly up at, say 2am, then obviously you start getting up very late (or simply sleep very little if you have to get up early). And I've found that's a really bad way to start a day. One could think that it doesn't need to make a difference whether you get up at 6am or 10am, and then start working for the same amount of time from there on. But it just makes a massive difference in mindset, for me at least. If I get to start my work at noon, it feels like my day is at least partially failed already.

    I don't really think that I would be up late night mostly because of some entertainment or reality escape. It's more that I just go on with some work that I have not taken care of earlier. And like you said, you think that you're being productive, but you're not. The more you prolong your day from the end, the less effective you get usually. Therefore, if you can't let go at a proper bedtime, you have to work tired even more. And then you feel like shit the next day when the morning actually became noon. And this bad cycle goes on and on...
  12. I am glad you find this challenge useful! Also it’s interesting to know you have the same problem I have. Togerher we can do this. :)

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