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Discussion in 'New to NoFap' started by ZainZNN, Apr 15, 2019.

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    My name is Zain and I’m a new member of this community. I’m 15 years old. My age might be young for such a website, but I will try my best to get through it all. PMO has brought me a lot of stress and depressing moments in my life. In addition, it took up long hours if my days. Not too long ago, I decided that I needed to stop. Day after day, I kept procrastinating. A few days ago, I told myself, “it’s either today, or never.” And so my journey starts. I hope everyone is doing great and I wish you all goodluck on this worthwhile and tough journey.
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    Welcome Man - that is the best decision you could possibly make. Kudos to you at such a young age - let me tell you this: if you don't intentionally work to stop this right now, you'll be struggling with it for 20, 40 or longer years. YOU are too valuable, your future too important, your wife too worthy of a HEALTHY you - NOT what's left over from frying your mind and junk into oblivion, under-performing because of this habit in school/work/career, and failing to perform in the physical side of marriage. You deserve the BEST life ever, not the left overs. If you need any help, let me know. WE ALL WANT YOU TO SUCCEED HERE...the only dumb question is the one unasked. Nothing's taboo cause we all know and have experienced the same, and you can speak in private messages if that makes you more comfortable for some topics. We're anonymous here for a reason: so you can ask, learn, share and get advice. I wish you the best!
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    My Journal
    That was a rad response from @Burner1...
    Hope you're doing ok, Zain.
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  4. Hi! :)

    Welcome to the forums. I hope you find success in your reboot journey. :)

    Remember, one day, one step at a time can lead you to some pretty good goals.
    Best wishes!
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    Bravo, you deserve a good fresh start. Real sex is awesome in dimensions that far exceed interacting with a screen. You'll get there and it'll be great.
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  6. Welcome to NoFap @ZainZNN! Glad to have you here. PMO is an addiction that has destroyed families, marriages, and friendships. For me it simply started with bad thoughts as a child, masturbating as a young teenager, looking up model pictures as an older teenager, and finally porn as an adult.
    I recommend starting with the 3 day challenge in the challenge forum. After completing that, work your way to a bigger challenge and so on. Starting small doesn't mean we only have small intentions, it just makes it easier for our minds when winning the challenge is right around the corner.
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  7. Good response @Burner1. You said nothing but the truth.
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