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Do you have what it takes to become a Super Saiyan?

  1. I don't know yet, i'm gonna start training now!

  2. Yes, but it will be hard.

  3. Not only Super Saiyan, but i can go even beyond. AAAAAAAAAAAHHH!!!

  4. I can only reach the level of an Elite Warrior, nothing more than that.

  5. I can't even beat Yajirobe, i'm a failure. ;(

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    I am not able to update my signature buddy.
    can you teach me ?
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    Day 24 check in
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    Hi Toni7,
    Hope you are doing well after the loss of your beloved cat. My condolence to you brother, karma will bite back at whoever poisoned your cat.
    May your cat rest in peace.
    Wishing you well on your Nofap streak, 45 days is half way to the 90 days challenge, well done super saiyan.
    Take care
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    After 27 days I relapsed on Sunday, out of boredom and seeking for a highlight that day. It's bad for me and I am cheating on my wife by doing this.
    I'll try harder this time and will rewire my thoughts and desires long-term.
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    I did write wath happened.
    @Invincible Under The Sun thank you for the words, friend. I just hope to see him again and play with him :(
    @ANameThatStartsWithK I mean, there is no way to be same after that. I feel so sad. I belive who ever didi that he would die in even worst death then him. But that is story for itself. I know now that I will stay on right path. That means to never let down myself again or him. To not let his life to be just for nothing. Thank you for you support. :(
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  7. Check: Day 1 -> Start Journey for real!
    Last night, before fall asleep, i watched hentai and MO, so yesterday i have done it 2 times, today i wake up as a new, new, new... let's say i want to do it :D

    The next story is mine, i'm single, 25yo, living with parents in a new country for us. But you can still learn something even for your self.
    I want to share with you how i managed urges during night, before that sometimes i was masturbating during the night without knowing and i was semi-conscious about it, but ended always to Orgasm, at 02/03:00am. But since i start Nofap(even i failed so much times) i don't masturbate at night.
    How? Easy, first i read a book(in Italian) about sleep, how it work, what happen in our mind, etc... and i've searched on Google porn on our brain or other researches on how view porn damage our brain, at last as we do now, spending hours and doing it alone. I believe that watching porn with your partner to learn something new or just to show her/him how you do it's an experience you both just do, but there's only this time, you don't look at it like now by wasting your time.
    Second, i just changed my routine before and during the night for my sleep mode(everything i tell you i've got it from the book and google, it works for me, and i say "FOR ME"):
    1) No screen before going sleep, no PC, no TV, no phone, nothing at all. At last 1/2 hours before go in bed. I close everything 2 hours before.
    2) Do some exercises at last 4 hours before the bed-time. And take a cold shower after that, this will kill urges and workout make you feel better. I do some bike exercises in house for less than 50 minutes, in front on TV and watch anime(now i'm watching first series of Dragon Ball) so while i watch something to distract my self i do exercises and after a cold shower, i play videogames before dinner. Now i'm playing FINAL FANTASY X HD on PC.
    3) Read a book or do something that you like before going to sleep. I read a book now, "The Fall of Lucifer" and have some others in my list that i want to finish, and i will because now i enjoy reading before the night. You can do something else, like drawing, writing, etc... or if you have family spend more times with them or learn/teach from/to them.
    4) "Sit down and drink your goddamn TEA!" - Cid, FF VII. Drinking tea is good before going to sleep, i always drink a tea while reading my book before bed-time. It help to concentrate and enjoy the moment. It took only 1h +/- for me to read and going to bed early, but this time i really enjoy it.
    5) Go to sleep and wake up at the same time everyday and do it early. Don't stay awake till 02:00am and wake up late. I go to sleep at 11:00pm and wake up at 06:20am every day, 7/7. The next day i wake up, make my bed and go out for a run, enjoying it. Without music to hear you will hear the sound of nature. Trust me.
    6) Meditation before sleeping. It help you to relax, think about everything you want and keep your mind clean before going to sleep. This will help your brain to fall asleep really fast. It works.
    7) Cold room is better for sleep. Try it and will see it. I have my room at night at 21° and i sleep very well, feeling good.
    The last point is not everyone during NoFap, but i start doing it and i feel more good at night.
    8) Sleep naked, or start with one clothes less at day. When your body can feel free at night, in a cold room and with your mind clear it means you're in good health and you will see it. I'm doing it and i sleep good and wake up as a new every day. + washing my face and doing my bed before i go out every day, i feel like i have already done some "Side Quests" and it feel good, like i can go and do more today.

    After this, i never waked up during the night, neither masturbated in the middle. For sure sometimes i wake up with my Soldier "READY FOR WAR" but it's normal, i'm a boy(not man, still not) 25yo and virgin. The focus is not touch it, just think about it as "i am normal, it works".
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    Already noticed, man. I'm truly sorry for your loss :(
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  9. Day 5. Lifting heavy ass weights 100 kgs and more. Feeling Amazing. Was not mediating but I'll start it from today as it is the only thing that does deep healing. Gym is closed due to virus so now have to find an alternative. Plus, I was hit by a strong urge today but didn't relapse. Feeling good but also feeling frustrated as I'm not on day 300 or so and have not healed completely. Just wanna start my life man. Aahh felt good sharing with you guys.
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    Thanks, man :(
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    Check in: Day 179
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    Day 36. I haven't slept all night :(
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  16. Corona time. Still healthy still working (kind of system-relevant).
    I have cut my home internet connection once again. Despite the fear of needing it during these times. It was necessary for my abstinence.

    Reboot goes well.
    I also abstain from the forum, so to speak. But I come here today to fortify my commitment. I'm quitting. I'm not just having a break. I quit.

    Wish you all HEALTH and WELL-BEING!
    May you all stay strong in these times.
    And don't watch porn!
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    I'm joining this group now, SSJ is my thrift! HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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