Today the fapping ends, and the healing begins!

Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by Paul Adams, Dec 21, 2016.

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    When I was 13 I had a friend introduce me to pornography, from that moment I was hooked! I am 36 now, and that whole time since I was 13 most of my free time was spent viewing pornography. When I was 25 years old I got married, and instead of the pornography use going down some, in my case it increased! Yes I loved my wife, and thought she was hot, I just found I could not get the same thrill I did with real sex as I did viewing pornography. The worst part of it was I thought that was normal, and in my mind I started to not blame pornography for this, but my own wife. I thought maybe its her, maybe its how she makes love to me that is causing me to turn to pornography. threw the years we grew more and more apart, and I started to not only think negative thoughts about my wife, but also all women in general, unless they were on a porn movie or in a strip club. things got so bad, that it was either continue to watch pornography or loose everything! I have been porn free for 144 days now, but still cant get over the cravings, flashes of images in my head, and body aches, and pain. So far I have only given up pornography, and still fap once in awhile with no use of pornography whats so ever, and if I ever get a image in my head that is not my wife I stop, and refocus on thoughts of only her. This has worked, but now I want to cut out fapping as well, and see how it goes. I truly believe that pornography is more of the problem than simply fapping once in awhile, but I do agree that obsessive fapping would be just as bad as regular pornography use. So wish me luck, and spread the word that pornography is not cool, but destructive, not only to you, but also to everyone around you!
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    Good luck man! Hope you meet your goals and get to your marriage back on track!
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    Good luck man !!!