Where to start?

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    Hi All,

    Where to start? What should I do?
    I know I have committed too many sins. This bad habit has taken away the vital essence of my body(mentally, physically and spiritually), mind. I have known that this is not good, but still kept doing this. Like the fellow brothers, even I am trapped in this evil vicious cycle.
    Now, when I want to stop this bad habit and concentrate on improving my health, life, body and mind. Then, I notice, there are many places where I am lost. In some places, I don't have the courage to detect the defect and rectify it.
    There are so many problems...
    I am late to all places, I have to maintain discipline, I am to be present at the right time for any and all the appointments.
    I don't talk properly with people(sadly, even with my parents.). I need to talk properly.
    I get anger very quickly. I need to be more, more and more patient.
    I get those urges very often nowadays. I need to exercise.
    I dont feel motivated. I need to exercise.
    I am afraid of the life, I am afraid that what will happen to me, as I have been doing these bad things for a long time now. I need to believe more in God, he is the one who will save me.. No need to worry.
    and many many more.....
    But where to start? How to start? Will I ever win over all these? Will I lead a normal, satisfied, fulfilled life ever??

    I have only one answer, Only option left is to crawl, walk, run in the right path.
    But too many things to concentrate on, what should I improve first??
    This might be the question to many of the fellow brothers.
    I think, we must first start putting an effort on doing one small thing properly.
    Need not worry, about other things for now..
    For example, let me now concentrate only on being punctual.
    May be after few days, it will be easy for me to be punctual. Later, I ll add one more task that I need to put some effort and improve my life-style.

    TL;DR Thousand miles of journey begins with a single step!!
    We all must win for this!
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