Why baptism is fucked

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  1. I was baptised into a religion when i was a baby. Now, the Catholic religion has decent morals and its relatively not dangerous (in a physical manner, mentally is another discussion). So im not mad or angry about my baptism but the whole process seems a little fucked, thats all.

    I'm a baby. I have EXTREMELY limited cognitive thought processes and can't really think for myself or make a big decision like decidimg what religion to go into. I didnt even have a chamce to explore (or know about) other religions. Hell, i didnt even know about my religion or i was being baptized for that matter.

    You're tricked when you get baptized. You get thrown into whatever religion your parents decide and (ideally) you blindly worship that religion until the day you die. & the idea is you then enter this other dimension of "life" aka "afterlife" to take away at the fact that your life ha a good chance of just being non-existent after death.

    Now for the religious extremists on here. For argument sake, lets ssy you're a devoted catholic and youre a die-hard who belives the bible is in a literal fashion. For those, they have a lowkey attitude of "Other religions are wrong. Jesus loves me personally."

    Now what if when you were a baby you were thrown into the hinduism religion. Wouldnt you want to make your own decision on important manners such as this? Seems a little barbaric.

    If i have kids, I'm waiting until they're 23-25 yo (deoending on guy and girl) so they can make their own decisions like an accrual human being does inn the real world. You know... decision-making and such.
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  2. MuscularSherlockHolmes

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    The world ain't perfect you know. Do what you gotta do, you still can control so much stuff in your life. And your kids will have a better chance than you were given.
    Best wishes!
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  3. Castielle

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    I agree that baptism of babies is not right. It's also not Biblical, either. Baptism is not supposed to be done to someone without their understanding or willingness. If it's done in that way, it's meaningless. You're just dunking someone in water.

    If you're interested in a really long but informative video on why infant baptism is not Biblical, this guy knows what's up:

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  4. onceaking

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    Baptism is rather dumb. I was baptised in my teens and looking back now I think it was rather pointless. I actually started to look at porn after my baptism so it didn't do much good. Being baptised didn't stop me from doubting. If I had kids I expect I'd discourage them from getting baptised.
  5. Wow. Really didn't expect these responses. Thanks homies
  6. Castielle

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    Baptism isn't supposed to "stop you from doubting." Or from sinning, for that matter. It's not about that. It's a physical action that shows you are dying to yourself and living again in Christ. It's not meant to do anything magical, it's just a symbol.

    Personally, I don't think people NEED to be baptized, but I also wouldn't say it's meaningless. It's not less meaningless than people lifting up their hands in worship. Obviously lifting your hands up doesn't actually do anything to make your praises to God better or something. It's a symbol. But it's not meaningless.
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  7. You jnow, you're right my dude
  8. Castielle

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    If you want an even longer video about baptism, this one is interesting as well. But I doubt most people are up for listening to a 4 hour debate about baptism like I did. Lol

  9. I thought, in a religious context, baptism was intended to "wash away" original sin. Which im sure you know what og sin is, but basically just being born means you have original sin. I think og sin is bc the jews hung Christ up on the cross???

    Or wait i think orignal sin is actually due to adam and eve eating apples off of trees and shit. Whatever reason, i thought baptism is washing that sin away. That wpuld be the mindset as a pro for baptism, if you believe that thst is.
  10. You would be correct in that assumption, miss.
  11. Did you ever talked about that with your parents? What was the reason they chose to baptize you?
    Why don't you feel comfortable to find your own way in life?
  12. Not any convo i can recall.
    My mom is a pretty big catholic and naturally wants her children and family to be catholic
    Idk where you got this from. Especially bc this is what im doing, unlike thousands of others
  13. Castielle

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    The only thing that washes away sin is the blood of Jesus, shed on the cross. That has been taken care of. In his dying breath, he said "it is finished." Baptism is not necessary for washing away sin. To claim that would be to say that the blood of Jesus was not enough.

    That is, however, what most Catholics believe. Catholics believe it is necessary for people to be baptized, in order to be saved. Which is a huge point of contention, for me and most Protestants. The Bible clearly shows, many times, examples of people being saved without being baptized. As one example, the man hanging on the cross beside Jesus accepted that Jesus was who he said he was, and Jesus told him that by the end of that day, the man would be with him in paradise. In other words, Jesus granted salvation to that man. He didn't say "sorry, buddy, you're screwed because you won't be able to get baptized before you die on this cross."
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  14. jolee80

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    Infant baptism isn’t biblical, it’s Catholic. Protestant churches do them too (I had one before I was saved and chose my real baptism). It comes from the idea of Adam’s original sin. Catholics believe babies can go to hell, also not biblical. It’s a difference in doctrine, man. The King James Bible is what us Baptists go by. No man-made doctrine flies at our church. You have to choose salvation and subsequently your baptism. I mean no offense to any Catholics, as we all know there will always be a doctrine war between the two. People are free to choose their own faith, and that’s awesome. My son isn’t baptized because he hasn’t chosen to be yet. He is saved, so at any time he can be baptized at our church. Baptism is simply the first show of obedience to God after salvation (biblically speaking).
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  15. jolee80

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    Thats okay, lol. Its conversation and that’s bound to happen.
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  16. Castielle

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    Funnily enough, I just started reading my Bible app and this was the verse of the day:

    "If you declare with your mouth, “Jesus is Lord,” and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved. For it is with your heart that you believe and are justified, and it is with your mouth that you profess your faith and are saved."
    Romans 10:9-10

    Baptism isn't on that list.
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  18. I'm fucking weak
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  19. BeastBoyBalling 獣

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    You want a free will so you can enslave yourself once more to a new master?

    (that is rhetorical)
  20. Evig Faith

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    To me, infant baptism is pointless, because I believe people are inherently good and innocent, but they’re fallen, and only through Christ are we saved. I don’t believe God punishes infants. They cannot control their actions, or they do not know of their results. Personally, if God threw infants in hell (especially with how loving Jesus was to kids in the Bible) then that’s probably not the God I’d want to be around. As any parent may know, babies may seem like the devil’s spawns at times, but they’re truly adorable and innocent!

    The concept of baptism in general, such as it’s meaning and it’s importance is debatable in Christianity and off-shoots though. Obviously there will be people who never heard of baptism; punishing them for something they didn’t know would be unfair in that case, just like it would for punishing infants.

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